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Winterizing a Breckenrige Park Trailer

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I just bought a new Breckenridge trailer, 44 footer, and I forgot to ask the dealer how you winterize one of these (looking ahead to next year.) Do you blow out the lines somehow or pump in the pink juice like I do on the smaller unit I have now?

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Shut off the water and remove and drain the water hose. Drain the water heater. If it's electric there will be a drain under the trailer, probably has a grey cap on it. Close the bypass valves for the water heater, should be three of them close the inlet and outlet valves and open the bypass valve which will be in between them. Open the two drains that are under the trailer near the water inlet fitting and drain the water. Replace the plugs when it quits dripping. I use a hand pump at this point and connect it to the water inlet. Open one faucet at a time and pump the anti-freeze until you see it come out the faucet then close it and open the next one. Do all the faucets including the bathtub. Flush the toilet to remove the water in the tank and tie the float up to shut off the valve. With a plunger push the water out of the toilet bowl and over the trap. You should ahve used about 1 1/2 gal. at this point. Pour about a qt into the toilet tank and let it flow into the bowl. Be sure you have antifreeze in all the traps then pour what's left into the toilet bowl. Been doing mine for 10 years this way.

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