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Anchors for flip-ups

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I've seen the T-shaped screw-in anchors with straps sold in stores, but thought they look like a lot of trouble to use. Not to mention screwing them into the ice manually doesn't look like fun with my arthritic hands. Here's what I've tried:

First I found some L-shaped screw hooks at the hardware store. The ones I tried were 1/4" diameter by 3" long. I set up my house (Otter Cottage II) with the door facing the wind. Then from the inside of the house I used my cordless drill to put pilot holes in the ice near the corners of the tubing running across the front of the house. Then I screwed the hooks into the ice with the leg facing outward so I could hook the tubing under the screw hook. The wind blows the house into the hooks, keeping it in place, and if you want to flip the canvas up to get out, you just push the tubing forward far enough to clear the hooks. That worked fine,but I thought the screw hooks should be longer. I had some #10 deck screws that were 3-1/2" long. I cut 1/8" x 1/2" steel strip into 2-1/4" lengths and drilled a hole into one end to insert the screw. Then I tried screwing those into the ice with my cordless drill in the same fashion as the L-hooks but without a pilot hole. The steel "leg" gives you a handle to hold the screw in place to get it started in the ice. That works good also, but since the leg can rotate on the screw, it can slip off the tubing as the wind vibrates the house. I might need to screw them down a little tighter. I later found some 1/4" x 4" lag screws with a Torx washer head and put steel strip legs on them. Those work good also. You could also use hex-head lag screws with a socket you can chuck in the cordless. I'm pretty satisfied, but I wouldn't want to leave the house unattended to go for lunch or anything. Also, if the wind switches, I might have to reposition the house to keep the hooks engaged but haven't had that experience yet. My next project is to find a cheap 12V cordless drill, cut the battery mount off and wire it with battery clamps so I can run it off my locator battery. Then I can keep it with my fishing gear and not have to go downstairs to retrieve the cordless and battery when I go fishing.

If anyone has improvements or suggestions on this I'd be interested in hearing them.

I'd attach pictures, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that. According to the FAQ's there should be a "File Manager" link, but I don't see it. Right now I'm going fishing.


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I bought some of the ice screws that ice climbers use for anchor points while climbing. They are hollow and threaded on the outside with saw teeth on the bottom. I can screw them in with one hand and they screw right back out at the end of the day. I bought them on an online auction.

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