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Help finding a stove

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I have a dear friend of mine who is looking for a stove for his fish house. He's an elderly gentlman and he's hand built an 8x10 house. But the deal is he wants to burn wood. He's got a ton of it and it would be a real cheep fuel for him. He dosn't trust propane and worries about leaks and flare ups.

Problem is we've checked at Menards, Home Depot and Northern. They all have woodstoves but they're all too big. Like one you'd put in a garage or something.

Do they even still make the small fish house sized ones?

Has anyone out there seen one around and have an idea on cost?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Fish house supply has one.

Fish House/Deer Stand Wood Burning Stove Price

ITEM #: WOODSTOVE Great for remote fish houses and deer stands

Burns wood only

Exceptional heat at no cost!

Requires venting

Requires 3" stove pipes (not included)

12" deep x 7" wide x 15" high

Weighs 8.5 lbs.

6 month manufacturers warranty

Manufacturer does not recommend sleeping while using this stove!

Manufacturers Warranty/Return Policy*


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I agree with MNice, buy a wood stove that is meant for a wall tent. I have a four dog stove that I purchased a couple years ago when I bought my wall tent. It's portable buy yet built well enough to last. I bought my stuff from an outfit called wall tent shop. You can google it and find the HSOforum. They have multiple stoves and kits to choose from.

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my buddy made his own cause he couldn't find one small enough. its still to warm in there. its 6"h x 6"w x 18"d w/ pull out tray under steel grate for ash and it has 3" vent pipe. He runs a wood mill and has tons of small kiln dried pieces of wood. 1 or 2 small pieces at a time or you could roast.

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Here's a site for a wood stove,If its what your looking for I have two.

There not identical to the one I'm refering to in the site weighs 216 lbs Mine weigh bout 40-60 lbs or so.

Contact me email. Its in the back of a shed,I wont clean the shed out till warmer weather

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