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Steelhead Q's

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I was wondering what some peoples favorite colors are for fishing steelheads, shorecasting from supieior. Do some work better than others?

Also, how deep are the steelhead if i'm casting and retrieving?

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If you are shorefishing around the time of the run and want to do some casting; larger Panther Martins in gold work good, krocs in oranges and silvers, shad raps and other stickbaits in yellows, oranges, reds.

If they are staging to enter the rivers, they will usually be in the top half of the water column or all of the way to the bottom but it probably won't be much deeper than 15-20 FOW. You through something that catches their attention, your golden.

If you haven't noticed, for steelies, my favorite colors are oranges and variations of that.

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I've probably caught more bows on blue/silver than any other color. I like to throw spoons, but will toss vibrax if I'm out on the water. They just don't throw far enuf for shorecasting.

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