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heat checker

In The Spirit of Christmas

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Twas the night before Christmas

and all through the shack

The bobbers went down,

but then they came back.

I looked down the hole

and that's when I saw it,

the biggest dang fish, if that's whatcha call it.

It was so big, I almost fell over

I tripped on my rod and landed on Rover.

He held up his head and let out a bark

and ran through the door out into the dark.

I looked down the hole and it was still there

eyeing my minnow so I said a big prayer.

It decided to make my minnow his snack

it took the line out and wouldn't come back.

We fought for two hours, this fish was so big

I wondered the size of this monsterous pig.

And just when I realized I needed a gaff

The fish came to top and started to laugh.

Humored by me, and lack of a fight,

He said,

"Merry Christmas to all, And to all a Good Night!"

written by an unknown fisherman & his daughter!

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That was a good one thanks heat checker!

here is another little song I rewrote smile

Rudolph the Lunker Walleye

Rudolph the lunker walleye

had a very shiney eye

and if you ever saw it

you would sit down and cry

all of the other walleyes

used to stare in disbelief

they never let poor rudolph

stage on any walleye reef

then one foggy christmas eve

santa came to say

rudolph with your eye so bright

why dont you bite my hook tonite!

then he hooked ol rudolph

guess this was not his day

rudolph the lunker walleye

you're about to get filllayyyyed!

click this if you want to hear me try and sing it! crazy


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Terrific Michael! A nice Christmas jewel!

Thanks for your work with GEM! Dave L is a buddy of mine too.

Merry Christmas

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Terrific Michael! A nice Christmas jewel!

Thanks for your work with GEM! Dave L is a buddy of mine too.

Merry Christmas

cool! you should come on out for a gem kids outing sometime

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