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Spinnerbait makings

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So i am looking to make my own bassin Spinnerbaits this winter. i have never done it and don't know a whole lot about it. I don't have much of anyone to learn to but i am gonna jump in both feet, how tough can it be they are just fish right.

So here are a few questions.

1. What size wire and why?

2. What size clevises and what kind ( folded or round stirrup)

3. What kind of beads or spacers

4. What kind of skirt and rubberband or skirt keeper

5. What are the rules of thumb

6. What specialty tools do i need

7. who is the best custom spinnerbait maker out there?

8. Is this worth my money.

Maybe the last question should be my first question but none the less i wanted an education.

thanks for your time and sorry for the questionare fellas. ike

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Most of the spinnerbaits I make are for musky/pike, with 1oz heads being the smallest - but the basics are similar...

For wire, the smaller diameter you tend to get more vibration but thicker wire holds up better.

Size clevis usually the smallest you need, the hole diameter of the clevis needs to be big enough to fit around which ever wire diameter you go with - most places will list this or can tell you.

Beads - plastics are cheap and have tons of great color options these days. Hollow metal are cheap also, solid metal are spendier and you'll want them if you want added weight. Also, you may want to use metal right below a clevis as it will hold up better to the wear and tear from spinning.

There are tons of great skirts out there, I'd look into the starflash. They come with skirt collars and all you need to do is slide them over the hook up onto the holder.

Rules of thumb are mostly matching blade size(s) with head weight. Also, length of the arm - shorter vs longer. I might not be the best to discuss the pros and cons of each.

Tools - something to cut wire and a round bend pliars for making the end loop on the spinnerbait arm.

I'm the best custom spinnerbait maker on the east side of Eau Claire wink

For bass I believe the guy making War Eagle was popular enough that now you'll find his available to the average Joe - bass pro for sure carries them now.

Of course its worth the money, a great hobby and the satisfaction of making a bait to your own specs. You can get creative and catching fish on your own is sweet. Maybe get some buddies interested in at least buying some you make - its common to need to buy say 10 of the same size,color, etc of a head, skirt, blade, etc - maybe you don't need 10 1/2oz white with a #3 silver willow blade.

Anymore questions fire away!

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I wanted to add that although I don't know a lot about the pros/cons of long vs short arm length in general a longer arm will go through brush/reeds better than a short arm because it 'protects' the hook(s) better.

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if you just want to save money buy pre-painted bodies and assemble them. use the recommended sizes from the supplier and i suggest only stirrup clevises. i'd say moores lures if you can get going before the end of junuary. he goes on vacation till spring. rough life huh? cry his name is poor word useage here but it's short for Richard Moore. nice helpful guy. i think he's a Packer Backer, but nobody's perfect. grin

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Check out Jans Netcraft or Barlows Tackle. They have everything you need.They even have a few "how to's" for lure making. As for wire sizes for bass I use .031-.035 for 1/4 - 3/8oz heads and .041 for 1/2-1oz heads. You can make your own frames by pounding a few nails in your workbench and bending the wire around the nails.

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ever checked out Lurecomponents (the HSOforum)? bass, bass and more bass. i like Moores and the prices. real down to earth site. things you need more than just things to sell. ya know? and hard to get items too. seems others are more worried about what's hot and will sell now or just plain gimmicks, not what a lure ''builder'' might need or in a ''off the wall someday'' type thing. Hagens is reasonable but the muskie components and quality leave a little to be desired. then theres Luremaking (the HSOforum). based in canada. great selection but just the same old same old like Janns and Stamina and Barlowes. except the muskie spinnerbaits at Luremaking are .062 wire. but only bronze hooks on them. too bad. barlowes does have ''some'' wide rangeing components. then of course you have Worth. not alot of stuff but what they have is top of the mountain. and a bunch more smaller guys/gals. i'll be getting into it someday, not real soon, but i'll be carrying top of the mountain or nothing. but it won't sell if i can't charge a competitive price. not ready for most now. anyway if you search you will find. oh yeah, Lurecraft too. and Lakeland, nj tackle and lure supplies (saltwater plugs mostly), Salty Bugger... on and on and on. good luck ike.

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