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Brake on 1988 indy 400 not grabbing well

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The brake on my 88 indy 400 is real mushy and only sort of grabs, it doesn't really work. You get it to stop the spinning track (when on lift and running) if you pull it all the way to bar, but i know it just is not working the way it should.

The pads look okay to us (non sled mechanics) it just seems like there is lots of space for it try to close. There is fluid in the reservoir. Any thoughts, or things to try first?

I have not ridden it yet since I got it, so I don't know how bad it is not working... smile

We did take the carbs off and clean and the main jets were gunked good, and it seems to start and idle great now. Hopefully it will stay that way! It does seem to want to idle UP after sitting - but like i said I haven't been able to ride it yet, and not letting it sit and idle for long periods of time.

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Box, there might be some air in the line so you might have to bleed it out to get the "feel" back in the brakes. There's a bleeder on the caliper. On an older sled like that there may also be some crud or sediment in the lines as well. In that case you may need to disconnect the line from the caliper and drain all the fluid out of the line and the resevoir and flush it out and then replace it with some new stuff and then bleed it out real well and see if that helps. Sometimes those bleeders can get pretty corroded over time as well so you may end up replacing it in order for it to work properly. One last thing to check...the hub on the brake disk on those is splined so you may want to check and make sure that the splines on the hub are not stripped or check the jackshaft that the disk slides on to and make sure it's not stipped either. This isn't real common but it could happen. Good Luck

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Thanks tons NAMASD, that all makes sense, and falls within what I think i can do smile

I do have another question about the clutch, but I need to take a picture of it so I can have a show to go with my tell wink


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Just wanted to update you guys who had been helping me with my "Traded a canoe for the 88 indy 400" sled smile

I bled the brake, and it must have broke loose some air or gunk cause it just was not grabbing and not bleeding right, and hten all of a sudden it started grabbing perfect! I still need to bleed it again properly, but I got to put on about 10 miles this weekend.

Brake works great, starts great even in the -10 temps this morning up north. It even handles way better than I expected. But the suspension is a kidney buster on the bumpy parts as expected. The sled is so light and easy to drive and easy to pull over.

The only thing/question I have now is that there is something in the clutch assembly that is rattling and doesn't seem right. I think I mentioned it earlier, but it is a bushing or spacer or something = round with 4 half holes, alomst like it is supposed to catch on the spring or soemthing, and it just rattles on the shaft loose. When I hit throttle, it doesn't "ease" into movement it sort of "snaps" or clunks into engaging, not hoorible, but waaaaay noticle next to properly accelerating sleds. Maybe needs clutch rebuiling?... 4000 miles.

Otherwise it is running great, stopping great, starting great and it is a cool sled. I even had it up to 60 on the lake and it was fun! smile Going to put it through the ice fishing weekend next weekend, with a bunch of the guys coming up to chase pike and crappies, and this sled will be towing some shacks and fat guys wink

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an 88 indy 400 that sounds like a liquid cooled sled, those suckers are quick, i had one that the odometer read 12000 miles on it and it showed every one but it ran like a top at all of 92mph, the suspension on those older sleds were a back buster but you didnt need a bachelors degree with 2 years of computer training to work on em like these newer ones, it sounds like it might be the rollers in the clutch might be getting flat, im no clutch expert.. wonder what NAMASD thinks

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    • I retract the above statement 
    • Crops are out, sloughs are frozen.  Did very well on private ground in the Ortonville area this past weekend.
    • I bought the helix 5 SI mainly for a new summer unit since i didn't have GPS in the boat and with the intention of using the GPS for the ice at a minimum.  I figured it would be so/so on the ice but it actually worked really well in graph mode.  I am still fumbling around with some of the settings.  Naturally now that the new units have arrived i wish i would have waited for the newest offerings as they look to be a bit more geared toward the ice.
    • Your review is pretty much the same as my experience with my first gen Helix 5.  As a dual purpose unit it does fairly well on the ice but its a step below the dedicated ice units out there.  I bought mine because I do a lot of fishing from canoes so wanted a portable unit and it excels at that.  The fact that it works decently on the ice was a bonus.  I do ice fish but not as often as I used to and not enough to justify the cost of a dedicated ice unit.
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    • I finally got out to try my first gen helix 5 this weekend.  Fished in 8 feet of water next to a lx5 and Lx7 in an otter lodge.  The flasher screen was not the best.  It was slow to react to my jig movement and i tried a few things to speed it up to no avail.  I switched it over to the graph and it was much better.  I am somewhat used to the graph as i use both on the LX7.  I didn't have any trouble with interference but i was only using the 200hz on the Helix.  It was definitely not in the same class as the Marcum considering the Marcum is a dedicated ice unit but as a dual use unit for the summer and winter it has lived up to my expectations.  I believe the new units will be much better in this regard.  Battery life was pretty good as i fished for about 15 hours on Saturday and i would say i had about 60% battery left.  Overall i am happy with the performance on the first outing.  I will chime back in when i get into some deeper water to compare the interference.    
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