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were to try?

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I would like to take the wife for a mid week icefishing trip so looking for a sleeper house,and a lake to try never done it so i need help, or if anyone has a house to rent? please let me know. thanks

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Check Sunsetbay Appledorns.. I know they got a few houses out this weekend on Mille Lacs...

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    • red wings are back, sand hill cranes calling  all kinds of Robins nice
    • Not nails but worse, they are self tappers from the metal roofing:)  Sorry, I need to take the angle grinder out there and zip those off this weekend.  Funny you bring up the name kabob, that is actually the name of one of them if they don't produce:)   Here is a short list of the names my kids came up with:   - Kabob - Soup - Nugget - Fried - Drummie - Pot Pie   I cant remember the others but you get the point...    
    •   I agree that in the long run, the very best thing that could be done is to completely repeal the ACA and then continue to reduce government involvement. The problem with that is this is a messed caused by government that would become a disaster at least short term for some folks if it were immediately repealed. At this point, government created the mess so it has an obligation to fix it with as little damage as possible to the people.
    •   No, I'm not totally discrediting any preventative measures, in fact I have stated time and time again that it is the best  safeguard against MOST diseases and other ailments. The fact though is that it will not safeguard you against EVERY ailment. You even go so far as to predict that you will still get cancer in your lifetime. If your preventative measures are a cure all, why do you believe you will still get cancer?   No matter how diligent you are with preventative measures you probably will not keep every ailment at bay. All I am saying is that when you are older you will find this out. I haven't seen anyone live forever yet. 
    • In other Wild news, they sign first-round pick, Badgers captain Luke Kunin
    • I missed the parts in your linky that supported trumps twitter claims of illegal wiretaps ordered by obama.
    •   So when did you become more responsible or did you always eat this way and what event made you consider the change? I rest my case.   If youve made anything about your opinion known, that is not preventative, in fact its been the exact opposite. Youve told me time and time again that im young and wait until im older, totally discrediting any preventative measure.  Thats been your opinion Dave, however its more convenient to just type up some talk for who you think you are, but keep lying to yourself, probably the only one dumb enough to believe those lies.     Leech still believes that being a big meany cause cancer, like he was taught in sunday school. 
    • This is great... I barely finished my '17 Yetti and now its already outdated.
    •   I'm on my second copy, the binding is not very good and before you know it pages begin to fall out, but as far as explaining technique, meat handling safety, use of curing salts and spices I think the book is a great resource.  I've given several copies to friends.  As far as the recipes, they are somewhat standard, but the same can be said for many other sausage books or online sources. I seem to make personal changes (like increasing garlic and black pepper) to most sausage recipes plus I sample a pattie to access the seasonings and will adjust if needed. I do think the amount of added fat is a little heavy handed for me, I find ground pork butt to perfect for me.  I prefer to make my own seasoning mix, and use very fresh spices... We order 3 times a year from spice companies to keep everything fresh, I only buy spices from the grocery store in an emergency, there is no guarantee of their freshness. 
    •   Auu, great plan. Oh by the way. Those aren't nails sticking through the roof sheeting is it? You may find a Shishkabob bird some morning if they get to running each other around in there!
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