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Camera - usage questions

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So I just got an aqua vu explorer 5... Tried it out at night to see how well it worked and I was pretty impressed. I heard a lot about not being able to see during the night and everything was crystal clear and in focus. I do have a few questions...

I didn't buy a tripod for it. I know it's pretty much necessary but will getting the standard pod for it help in aiming? I couldn't for the life of my find my jig (didn't spend a lot of time on it) which brings me to my second question..

How far away from your jig/etc do you put the camera? I only had it a foot or two away (Had two holes drilled in my porty... dead sticked one and messed with the camera in the other) typically 10' or less?

Do the lights at night (or day) turn the fish off? I figure if they can see my glow jig and it makes a huge difference... why wouldn't two spotlights? Can anyone comment on that?

Is there a case or something to organize it a little better? It feels awkward and bulky where the cord wraps up and the flaps that go over the screen.

Thanks in advance! I hope to bring it out this weekend for some scouting! smile

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they sell a thing called a compus its like ten bucks and you put your cord through it and you can twist the camera around I have mine about four feet away or so.

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what I did for mine is: I took a old regular camera tri-pod and modified it to work for my new marcum. That way I have the adjustable legs so I can have it at any height. the little clip come off a old camera I use to have.





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i also just got a explorer 5 havent tried it out yet prolly after ChristMas and i cant wait! I think it iwll work out Nice....

Anyone tried the Aqua-VU DVR??? anyone have one?? Like them??


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Gander in Blaine had the Nature vision tripod for 15 bucks a couple weeks ago. They are well worth it. You can fine tune the turns. Use a big orange depth finder clipped onto your fishing lure to find your lure. Once you have it pointed to that you can remove the depth finder and fine tune everything. Takes a bit. Fish bumping into the camera will push it off target at times. Be careful with the rubber cork that goes on the cable. They dont float.

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    • I broke the trigger guard my my t/c omega on the last day of the season.  I looked online but can't seem to find anywhere selling that part.  Any idea where to get one?  I'd rather not buy entire new muzzleloader. It's the silver part in this pic.    
    • Yes we have and still, It only makes sense that if 85% of this country's population identifies as Christian. 85% of the criminals when ask with a check off box on their in-processing form, would identify with what they were raised with as well. Big shock! By the way that question is on the in-processing forms so the few atheist's and other beliefs can be accommodated during their stay as well. It doesn't mean that the little Norwegian or German Lutheran ladies down in Belle Plaine are going to gun down Big Dave with their AR's after the church Pot Luck as he walks down the street! Fear-Not Dave.   
    • Not just heat, if you have central air it will run off that also though not as well.  Usually no real need to have a humidifier run in the summer though around here.  
    • You can buy shallow mount speakers for a couple extra bucks, but making a bumpout inside isn't to bad.  We put ours in the corners in the back with a 45'd wood box.  The front are in the bathroom wall so there was room there.  Going to throw in some outside ones next summer and for those I'm planning on shaving out the sprayfoam and just packing insulation in behind them.  They will be mounted behind cabinets so shouldn't lose to much heat.  Outside if they don't fit I will be buying the plastic pre-made spacers, don't want wood out there.
    • We've went over this before but over 85% of this country's population is Christian. Guess who is causing over 85% of the crime? And actually, there have been terroristic threats against the couple of outed atheists here in Belle Plaine.......
    • I like seeing that gas line open in the bathroom.  I saw a couple manufactures at a show this summer that had them hidden in the wall and that absolutely terrifies me.  If something were to happen with it they would be sol.
    • This was probably one of the most frustrating Muzzy seasons I can remember. There are lots of deer around. Cameras and tracks in the snow confirmed that. We just saw very few in the daylight. The properties we hunt do get hit pretty hard with the rifle guys, but usually with some snow/cold they will start to hit the food sources in the afternoons as the season progresses. But not this year. They would wait until about 5:30 before arriving on the food. Oh well we still had lots of fun. I will go out a few times yet with the bow. Still have a doe tag that would love to fill.
    • We saw some good bucks this weekend but couldn't quite seal the deal on any of son smoked his second one with the ML this afternoon after talking me in to going out when we should have been packing to leave for home...(: found a big deadhead this morning too...deer were super spooky but saw plenty...time to pack all the hunting gear away and focus on ice!! 
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