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NDGNF Reminds Anglers of New Regulations

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Anglers fishing North Dakota waters this winter are reminded of new regulations implemented since last year.

A new regulation of which winter anglers should be aware is removal of the maximum size (12 inches in diameter) hole for ice fishing. Anglers can now fish in the same hole in which they spear fish, and anglers should note that possession of a spear is counted as a fishing pole. In all cases, when a hole greater than 10 inches in diameter is left in the ice for any reason, the hole must be adequately marked with a natural object or painted wooden lath visible from a minimum of 150 feet.

Other new regulations include two weeks added to the end of the darkhouse spearfishing season, and 16 additional lakes are open to darkhouse spearfishing.

Anglers should also take note of two regulations that have been clarified. It is illegal to discard any fish or fish parts upon the ice, in the water, or upon the shore of any water body in North Dakota. It is also illegal to introduce any substance in waters of the state for the purpose of attracting fish that are not attached or applied to a lure.

As in the past, anglers are reminded that stocking of any live fish into any waters of the state is illegal, except with the appropriate license or permit issued by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Anglers are also reminded that McDowell Dam (Burleigh County) and Lightning Lake (McLean County) are closed to fishing from November 1 through March 31 of each fishing year.

For a complete list of winter fishing regulations anglers should consult the North Dakota 2008-10 Fishing Guide.

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Thanks M M excellent info! Someone called into KFGO a week ago and asked about the info. The guy talking didn’t know.

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