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Aqua-Vu camera wiring

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So I got one for you guys. I got an older Aqua-Vu Scout underwater camera, that the plug for the camera part got pulled out of the T.V. part. the camera and wire are complete, but where that plugs into the main unit (with the display) that 4 prong plug got pulled out and the wires got cut off. I know this is confusing but I'm trying my best to discribe my situation. So my question is what's the order of the wires? There is a Red, Green, Yellow, and two Black wires. and the plug in which they go has 4 holes, so I'm assuming the 2 black wires go together. On the plug theres a little dip so it can only go in one way. so what's the clockwise order of the colors, starting from the dip? Anyone HELP please.

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