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how to read graph mode lx67 ice machine?

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Can you name some specifics otherwise the basics are: Turn auto sensitivity and auto range off. Adjust the upper and lower limits manually within a foot of bottom depth. This gives you the best fish vs jig separation. Turn zoom to 4X and go to split screen mode, you can now adjust the zoom w/the < > anywhere in the column and can see the "big picture" at the same time. Now, lower jig down and turn up the sensitivity till you can see your jig moving on the screen as a solid line and there's little black dots on the white backgroud. Then adjust colorline to allow for the full spectrum of color. I like the IceView for a color scheem (ex. as fish get closer the color goes from black-blue-green-yellow and red is directly under you).I fish on busier lakes so I leave my noise rejection on high and adjust surface clarity as needed. The DVD that mine came with is also helpfull. I believe you can get it through the Lowrance HSOforum.

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Here is a semi-helpful vid I found over on the Tube --->

RedBandit explains the menu functions well and Federline made a great post about a year ago about 'dialing in' the X67c.

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I noticed that the history search is now only 3 years - my posts are getting ready to roll off the backend of FM, so here's a cut-n-paste of history. smile

Ice-Friendly x67c settings:

Go the graph mode (I use split-graph), and try this:

1) Turn off Autosensitivity: Menu, Auto-sensitivity, Enter to get rid of "X"

2) Turn off Auto-depth range: Menu, Auto Depth range, Enter to get rid of "X"

3) Set depth range: Menu, Depth Range, select your Max depth to display (pick only as much as is needed to see bottom), Enter

4) Crank up chart speed to 100%: Menu, Chart Speed, select 100%, Enter

5) Turn on all digital filtering

--> a) Turn on Surface clutter filter: Menu, Sonar Features, Surface Clarity, select High

--> B) Turn on Noise Rejection: without hitting anything else, Down Arrow to Noise Rejection, select High, EXIT button (you can decrease these later if you want, but I run them both on high all the time)

6) Change Ping Speed around, start at 100%: Menu, Ping Speed, select speed, Enter (try other speeds, too)

7) Now, re-adjust sensitivity (Since I started doing this, I have never gone below 90%)

You can now flip between graph and flasher displays if you want.

Graph Display Mode:

When you go into Split Screen Mode, the left window becomes the zoomed window. Turn off the Auto-Depth feature. You can select either 2x or 4x for this pane. The right pane remains as the full water column. Use the up and down buttoms to scroll the zoom window up and down the water column to where you want it. Can't do this in flasher mode - there, you can only zoom in on the bottom 6 feet.

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