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tearin' lips

Sioux Narrows Area Question.

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Well gentlemen, ice fishing season is finally upon us. I had a quick question reguarding the Sioux Narrows area for winter time crappie fishing.

I am looking to get away from the pressure that Sabaskong Bay recieves and I enjoy the "search" more than I do the catching of winter crappies. I know there are crappies up in the Sioux Narrows area and was just basically wondering if there are any areas that I would need to stay away from. Obviously current looks to be an issue up in that area. Is there normally any traffic on the ice that would designate a relatively safe navigation route.

Again, not looking for any spots from anyone, but would like to know what I can expect of the ice conditions.

Thanks Ladies/Gents! Hope to see you on the hard water soon!!!!

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Tearin' Lips,

I live in Kenora (about 40 miles away) and fish that area alot in the winter. I am mostly after lake trout, however.

As far as traffic goes, most of it is on the big part of Whitefish Bay. That is not where the crappies are. (that I know of)

The areas you are going to find the crappies are some back areas in Snake Bay and also Knickerbocker. I have fished for them in open water in those areas, but never ice.

You are best to get a map (I sell them, as do many other retailers in Kenora/SN) and have someone put some pencil marks on bad ice/crappie potential.

Good luck and feel free to hunt me down if you have any more questions.

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