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Pick Two

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Slaton vs Jacksonville

Lynch vs SF

Ward vs Washington

Dunn vs NO

I think Ward comes in last because Jacobs will be back this week, but it sounds like they may increase Ward's workload and lessen Jacob's until they get to the playoffs. However, this week Ward is facing a much stouter run defense than the other three.

Slaton sounds like he's pretty dinged up, but still posted good numbers last week. He doesn't have much of anyone to share carries with, since the other Houston backs are dinged up too.

I have a feeling that TB is going to feed Cadillac the ball more and more. Some last week, more this week. That equates to less carries for Dunn. However, I could be mistaken in that presumption.

Lynch has looked pretty darn good the last couple of weeks, so I'm inclined to start him. As for the other starter, I just don't know so I figured I'd try to get everyone else's $.02. TIA.

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I'd rank them in this order:





I don't think Cadillac is fully heathy yet; and like you noted, those carries get spread pretty thin in that Giant backfield.

I'd go with Lynch and Slaton...

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I would agree with Jarrod32. I just don't trust the other 2...

What do you think about mine Pick 2

Randy Moss vs. Pit

Lance Moore vs. TB

Hines Ward vs. NE

Vincent Jackson vs. Atl

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I don't like Ward so much this year. Dunn is easy money if you don't have any other RBs.

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