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My Golden Discovers what ice is....

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so i was hunting a WMA yesterday with two golden retrievers. One belonged to me and the other my uncle, but he couldnt go out for the day. After a poor shooting performance i finally dropped a nice rooster with 24 inch tail feathers. I put it in my vest and continued to hunt. about 30 seconds later a pheasant flushed and flew over the frozen slough/lake. i shot and got a piece of it (poor shot as i should have had it) the pheasant flew about 50 yards up the shoreline and landed in a finger of land that led out to the middle of the lake.

i had previously tested the ice and it was more than 3 inches on the particular area i was hunting. so my uncles dog and i are near the shoreline and the dog is checking some cattails as maybe the pheasant ran from the switchgrass into the cattails. we can't find the bird at all. but i noticed my dog was missing, so i called for her, but no sign.

next thing i knew about 200 yards up the shoreline i see a pheasant running on the ice and there was my golden in hot pursuit. the pheasant was just winged and in pretty good shape but couldnt fly. now a pheasant can dig into the ice and run at full speed over ice, a dog has pads. my dog would run after the bird and it would just move and my dog would slide past it. it took me a few minutes to get up to where the battle was happening and the whole time that pheasant stayed close to shore on the ice, but never went back to the cattails or grass. so my dog would make a run, slide way past the bird and continue. finally the bird decided to run up and over a muskrat house and my dog cut it off on the way down and made a diving stop and had the pheasant for me right when i got to her.

i was really pleased that she picked up that scent and followed it without giving up and also pleased that the ice was thick enough because a week ago that would have been a dangerous situation. anyway, i think it took me longer to get to her because i couldnt hardly stop watching the comedic performance she was putting on.

anyway, thats my rambling story. between the public land and permissioned land i hunted i saw more than 100 birds yesterday

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Be honest.... You were laughing out loud the entire time weren't you? Because that sounds a lot like a benny hill moment. grin

Sounds like you had a good time.

yeah, i was. after a really bad shooting performance it was what i needed.

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This is great and i know it is funny, now just think if instead of one dog there were two dogs and both were sliding and running into each other.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Well I had a little project that we found after buying our camper used. It had a leak in the back corner which 3 other same type campers in our camp ground had in the same spot. I sealed the roof a few years ago but have not had time to tackle the soft floor in that corner. Spent one weekend ripping out to find out what I had and a 3 day weekend repairing it. Had to build boxes as new supports to tie into the good wood past the rotted area. Really glad there were two metal frame supports under that end as I could span them with the new wood. Re-insulated and put new plywood down and it's looks great. Now my wife doesn't have to worry about getting into her side of the bed without going through the floor!        
    • Well I guess I could close the loop on my water heater since I finally had time to look at it.     I haven’t pulled the element yet but have filled the water and run through everything with my meter.  I’m 99% sure it’s the element.  I have 120V to it and it Ohms out at 2.  I figure that’s the water giving me that reading since the elements should Ohm out at 10 or more.  Basic rule I learned in shop: Power to the load; load don’t work; load is broken.  Looks like a $15 part.   What I did enjoy learning is getting the propane part of the heater operational.  Never had that before since the wire harness was apparently always disconnected from the ignition module.  I plugged that in and she fired right up.   Now to get my sealants put on tomorrow and clean and lube the bumpout gaskets.  I bought some LED light bulbs to try also.  And time to get a bigger TV installed in the main living area.  That 13 inches just doesn’t cut it with my eyes anymore!
    • Prespawn might be a stretch but I bet you see them on the beds.  Late start/almost no spring in these parts but the water has warmed quickly once the ice finally left.   Last weekend, at about the same latitude as OTC (assuming that’s where you’re headed) the males were all over in the shallows.  Didn’t see many bass beds yet and didn’t see any big females but they’re getting close.  Didn’t have a way to check temps so I can’t tell ya that, just what I saw.   Heading to Ely this weekend - I’ll have temps and observations from there next week.
    • So Fenton is the pick, maybe we can sell off our talent and pickup some middling speedsters/diamonds in the rough and make a vegas like run. 
    • It is not looking good from our end. I finally got Morgan out yesterday and she came to full draw on a nice tom but he busted her on the draw and scooted out of there. I got a shot off at him at 20 yards and he was walking and I didn't quite lead him enough. I clipped feathers back in high but he was fine otherwise.   I have family obligations this coming weekend and stuff going on the following weekend. There's a good chance that our turkey season is over.  If this was Ryan without the tag he would be pushing hard and still chomping at the bit to shoot something. Morgan is much less concerned with filling her tag.    Unpunched tags drive me completely crazy! But it looks like we will have some in the Engel household this year. Sorry team! Good job to you guys who managed to get it done and my apologies that we couldn't hold up our end of the bargain. Well... Ryan did, but Morgan and I couldn't do it this year. Next time!
    • The lake was low when we fished it but they only closed the dam days before ,, should be able to get under the bridge to get to Little yellow ,,, I have not heard that the crappie action was going well tho ,,, Did catch some decent pike  but no walleyes 
    • How high is the water, wondering if we can get into little yellow this memorial weekend or not.  How was fishing?    
    • Here are a couple pictures from our WI season. We were able to take 5 birds. Two of us had two tags and one buddy just had one tag. Really think the predators in the area have these birds learning to be silent. They do not gobble much and if they do it’s mainly morning before fly down 2 or 3 times at the most. Over that last 5 years it’s been like this the first 10 years gobbling was heard through the day but now you don’t hear that gobbling in the distance or to calls very often. Still come to calls but almost ways silent now which is fine they still come in.   Finally all done and food plots are almost finished love the spring time.