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Officially Done

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Got my last taste of fishing in the boat yesterday for the year. One fish boated and it was a sluggish hit. Weather actually wasn't too bad yesterday, but there were plenty of floating icebergs scattered throughout the lake. We were welcomed to huge floating chunks of ice in front of the landing when we attempted to take the boat out. Ramp was extremely icey and almost didn't get the truck and trailer up the ramp. This cold weather is really hard on the equipment and so it is time to put it away. Looking forward to the ice fishing season for big pike, walleye, crappie, sunfish, and perch. June will be here before you know it.

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I'm going to try to fish Thurs, Sat and Sunday still before I hang it up. Warmer temps this week, hopefully some of the ramps on Tonka are open for Turkey Day. Look on the bright side, every day now is closer to the 2009 opener than the day before.

Time to make/fix baits, get ready for the shows, go to some club meetings, and get in frivolous arguments online. Ice fishing - not quite the same as watching one eat at your feet.

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Yep, just got the boat winterized. Turns out my last fishing trip was more expensive than I thought. Two busted trailer lights, broken transducer, possible cracked livewell pump, and some cracking in the wires leading up to the trim of the motor from being frozen. Looks like I have a lot more work to get done on the boat in the spring. If I get out again it will be in someone elses boat because mine is done for. The trailer light damage and broken transducer I know are from backing the boat in to the ice. Might have to rethink my strategy next November.

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Had a good year. More and bigger fish. Caught all my fish on basically three different patterns all year on 2 different lakes.

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Terrible year here...hardly found a pattern all yr, and i fished alot, alot. One of the lakes i fished alot is Tonka, that lake is still a mystery to me. Time to get back to the basics and get back to a good selection of lures that sat on the bench this yr. Looking back the only difference between a good yr and a bad yr was a slow trolling bite (i figured i have over 120 hrs of trolling on my motor since Oct 25th) compared to previous yrs where the trolling bites were alot more productive, didnt happen this yr. I am ready for WI opener though, except this yr isnt over yet!

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Ya know what it means when you "officially" done for the year?


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Save money on land.

THis is by far the best chance an for some only chance to lock in on some great it vacation property or the home of yer dreams.

Unreal what is out there for you / us to grab.


Have 5000 lures maybe.....Only need 12 maybe 24 lures really...add a few of same types for color to make yer mind happy.



GO back to basics, slim down lure slection, SLOW DOWN an have will do well again.

No doubt.

Never rate or score my season by numbers....if I was it would be for smiles.

Mine an other peoples.

Money aint it...if I make enuff to keep going well I do.

If we find fish ..we win...we get them...we win again...

first fish, big fish, skinny fish, long fish an yes sometimes NO FISH...its all good.

Only thing that made this a lessor grade season was having to close up a bit early mid October.......other wise a real winner as are they all.

Truth be told...nothing more I like better than just sitting on our north face dock n just hanging out.....fishen, readen, eaten, sleepen,,,,,falling in an swimen.....its all good an a fave thing for me in my season.

RELAXING fer me lil brain an soft heart.


We never did find a real pattern that lasted to long.

But fish were where we figured they would be most every time out.not all can in for a chomp or cheww but then again if they did that in itself would be weird!

LOL Fishen is fishen an it is oh so fun...muskie just test yer brain a bit more than others...or at least we fisher of muskie fish like to think that is true.

@#&*$ ##$%%# FISH!


Never do really...just go fishen an take what the lake gives up by tryen new stuff each time out.

Fish do siwm an sometime don't...but they like to eat an goota do it sometime.

Right place righ ttime is a hoot.

I for one admit it happens.

Knowing a few things the food the fish year chasen likes to do during different times of season is key to help ya find more fish.

Find food, find where they like to hang / hide out to sneek up on food an when dinner time is going to happen most days is fun.

Helps so much.

Adding knowing how to work yer 12 / 24 lures when where to place them just ups the odds even higher...way higher.

No mgic to it..period...hard work yields good fun..every time out.

But then FISH ON aint the only reason we hit the water.

Fish aint so smart really ...they school..but don't go to make up all the goofy musky fish rules.

Just have safe.....keep it simple...enjoy the time on the water.

If it looks fishy.FISH IT!

Good things WILL happen.

Some of you all should come fish with me sometime.

For pay or for matter to me really.


I don't guide everyday any enjoy fishen with new people fer gas money.

Gives me something to do an saves them some coin.

Not everyone can aford the going rate for a fishen trip with a guide these to just go fishen with a few good peoples looken to have some fun.

Fun showen people around lake so they can have cool places to fish an up odds during adventures on there own.

Provides something to look back on at this time of year when closeing up the muskie thing that brings back big smiles on yer face in an my heart.


I aim to aim to please.

But ...Please don't eat the big pink mint.


We had a fun year.....some big first fish for a couple guys an one lady.

One guy from Texas got his first ever muskie one sunset after his dad got his first 10 minutes before...dads was 44"...Travis got into a 54".

SPOILED now...told them I can't top that..but would try for triple fee, steak dinner, flowers for the wife an a bag O treast for me hounds.

What ever it takes Tommy, what ever it takes is all he keeps saying. I was just kidding..but I feel he knows that.

Lady from Denver got a 48"...all on her own...I just drove da boat an taugh her to cast.....two hours in..BINGO!

She is still E-mailing me junk about that day an loves remembering her husbands face being all smiles when she held up her first fish.

Couple groups of young guys 12 to 18 did well also.

Not giants but all good solid muskies and over the trip some nice fat pike also.

Also had fun getting bonus pike an BIG WALLYS n SMallies when casten skinny water in morning.

Gezzz is that fun...

Way cool being part of that type stuff.

To fun.

Good people...friends for life...thanks to a fish, a lure and me just having fun on the water for a long time.

Works for me.

Lots of missed fish by new to sport folks...geeezzzzzzz.

But then lots of first fish for them later in trip after they stuck to it, listend, learned an had fun.


No pressure...just casten an having fun.

Not everyone gets a fish..don't read that into this..but we all have fun.

Learning is key....why they fish with me...I them.

Fun n safety...musky top of the list..period.

Most times works.

Makes me smile...even as I type tis goofy post.


Met some really nice people from all over country, made some good friends an went out with the normal crew of goofy nutts keep hiring me for one reason or another each season.

Did not get to fish with Terry once as when he was off I was guiden..when I was off he was guidnen.


Missed time out with JR it is always fun to hop in a boat with him for a few hours any time also.

Did some TV junk an also fun stuff for hometown St. Paul paper that was a real hoot. AP picked up St. Paul paper deal an I'm still getting razed for that by friends from all over fun.

I aim to please.


Out of the blue or un-planned junk like that is a fun thing to do....anytime.

Made Zero money..but had a blast doing it.

Never been in this deal for profit really....ever.

Amazing times all.

Heck I even got into some fish with frineds who guided me.

They are the best to come by an take ME OUT!

Way to cool.

One day I Slimmed up good friend "G"s new Ranger boat with three fish in 90 minutes.

Nothign fancy...just jumped in we went...BINGO!

Great day...late July just before a storm...44", 50" & 46"..wham, wham, wham.

Tommy one I big time booted .."G" --- ZERO!!!!!

To fun. LOL x 100

Don't fish when I guide much so that cuts into my casten time but I do make up for it with my wife Bonnie, good friends an our four wonderful hounds.


I can't say it was ever a bad year when done...even this year we had to close shop early for personal reasons but we had fun each an every time out.

Phantoms rockeds, Reefhawgs too....Jakes did the job when simple bucktails an plastics of one type or another came thru too. Did not boat a fish on big blades this year...clients an friends did...guess I clown around to much when using them in 2008.

Serious..whom me?

But then I enjoy that just as well...being no fish ...NET BOY!

Few homemade deals worked also..some did not..but is always fun to try them out.....who knows!

Only hope for simular time to do this fun stuff again next open water season.

Do my best to keep the fun metter always in the RED!

Topwaters all season also....plop, plop, sizzle, flnk, flop..plop.....KABLAM!!!!!!

Smile for the photo please.

Nothing like trying to give yerslef a heartattack dailey!


No point in all of this junk...just figured I would loosen up me fingers so as I don't lose me grip on a few Turkey legs an pie Thursday thru Saturday.


Always rememebr you will succed. will indeed!

98 and 3/4 percent....GUARANTEED!!

Have a great Holiday season an KEEP ON ROCKEN!


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Always good to hear from you Tommy. I will make it up there to fish with you one day, if I am lucky it will be next year.

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In case you didnt know, Jiggin, muskie season closes on Dec 1st in Minnesota...

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