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Dry Bags

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Hi all,

I'm taking a trip to Hawaii in about three works and looking to do some snorkeling and fishing. I have a cybershot that I want to take with and hopefully be able to use in/on the water. I have been looking around for a bag or case to use without having to blowdry my camera afterwards. I was at NCE today and saw one made by Aquapac, but have found others on the web also. Any reviews or recommendations?? Any help would be appreciated, I might even have a pic ortwo to post when I get back:-) Thanks,


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I am more familar with DSLR housings but I think many of the same principles apply. There are some soft housings available with a polycarbinate lens, a must if you want any useable photos. They are not always known for being reliable though.

I am also sure there are a few hard shells made for your Cybershot but the cost is going to most likely be greater than the cost of the camera.

Keep in mind a flash is almost a must with most underwater work so you have that to throw in the equation as well.

Bottom line is that it can get real expensive real fast. Rentals would be another option and possibly a cheaper one as well. Dive shops would be the best place to get rental info on housings. Oh and please do post some shots when you get back!


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