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List of your gear

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Fish Trap Yukon, Vexilar FL18 Dual Ducer, 10" Strike Master Lazer Mag Express, beaver dam tip ups, assorted jig poles, portable buddy heater, and for early drilling 8" Lazer hand auger

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2 LX-5's , 2 LX3's ,2 Cabelas cameras, 1 cabelas Panning camera,roughly 15 jigging rods,8 tip ups, FT Yukon,FT guide,Clam 2000, 2 FT scouts, 6X12 Hardside, 2007 BF650, Eskimo Shark 8 inch ,with 6 and 8inch Nils bits, 10 inch Strikemaster ripper bit, 10 inch 224 bit, half dozen other hand augers...I think I have a Icegator coming for Xmas....Hmm, what else..... Buddy heater, Double burner Mr heater, and a Focus 5.....North star Propane lantern...

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6 inch mora hand auger, suitcase syle portable, 2 rods (1 for panfish the other for eyes, hoping to add to the collection this season!), assorted jigs, coleman white gas lantern, OLD! lowrance flasher, lots of warm clothes!

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home made jiggle stick, ice cream pail with minnows, 5 gallon pail to sit on, ice chisel to open up holes that someone else drilled form me.


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Fish Trap Voyager (3 seats,counsel,toe bar,and covers)

Eskimo Lodge (cabin style)

Shapell Jet Sled Large

Aqua-Vu Showdown Sonar

Aqua-Vu Scout 2 Camera

Aqua-Vu Ice Pro Camera

Garmin GPS & lake Maps

Jiffy Model 30 8in Auger

HT 8in hand Auger

Mille Lacs style Chipper/spud bar

Big Little Dipper


1 genz gold combo walley rod

1 berkley lightning rod with zebco reel

1 st. croix rod with a tica reel

1 cabela xml rod with a Abu garcia reel

1 fabrill amplified rod with a abu garcia reel

1 fabrill panfish poper rod with a genz gold reel

1 HT rod and reel combo

1 Shakspeer Razor Rod with a scheels reel

1 sunflower heater

1 5 lb propane tank

2 20 lb propane tanks

1 Big Buddy Heater

1 wood tip up w/ actic siren

1 plastic orange round insulated plastic tip up

1 blue plastic tip up

$1500 bucks worth of lures

Softsided tackel box

Honda foreman 4 wheeler with mad dog auger holder

Clam Blue chair

2 large bait pucks

2 small bait pucks

1 lindy grub getter

coleman lantern/ with 2 fabrill tent hook/hangers

3 sets ice picks

camo artic armour suit

HT rubber cleats

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Eskimo Quick Flip II, 2 Jiffy augers, an 8 and a 10, Marcum VX-1 and a VX-3, 5 arctic tip-ups, too many rods and reels to list, and my short Christmaslist includes an underwater camera.

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Brand new 18 foot fish house with retractable wheels.Made it myself and should be the ultimate shack.

2 Thorne Bros. rods with tica reels

9 inch jiffy


aqua view camera

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Otter cottage


Buddy heater on 11# tank

3 TB rods with Tica reels

Strikemaster elec and lazer

Too many jigs and lures

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All I can say is 2006 Bombaridier 400 2up, never seen ice till this year, Nils, Yukon, Vex, and a host of others!

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4-wheeler, Voyeaguer, FL-18, Stikemaster Auger, GPS, Sunflower w/20 lb tank, 3 spring bobber rods, 3 regular rods, radio, tackle bag, vex cold snap suit, Weed-eze, and a few other misc items. grin

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I might not have as much stuff as you guys, but I`m better at picking fishing buddies. I`m taking the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders icefishing. 2 or 3 of them even get to use a fishing pole.

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clam 2000, veixlar fl20, stikemaster mag2000 8in auger, mr heater sunflower heater/cooker, 11# propane tank, all yet to meet the ice

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Holy C@#p! My head started hurting just thinking about it, but here it goes.

2005 Arctic Cat 500 4x4 auto

auger holder

tire chains

hand/thumb warmers (new this year)

hand guards

I'm in the process of making a box to hold all my stuff on the back that has lights, radio, and solar panel. (pics when done)

H20c with Ram mount and mn, wi lakemaster chips

two person otter sled with canvas craft insulated fabric

Stike Master lazer 8 inch

big buddy heater

lantern, replaced with kong leds when order arrives

Vexilar fl-18

I carry anywhere from 6 to 13 rods with me depending who's with me.

6 are Yads

6 are custom made from a guy at work.

the last one is a custom made 38 inch that named Big Jim, he was made and given to me from a very good friend. No walleye is safe when I'm using Big Jim.

plus a half dozen or more of retired ones in the bull pen waiting for action.

Tackle bag with more lures than any sane person needs, that's why I need more.

Blue Ice Armour suit and gloves

Hoping for some good deals at the ice show so I can buy more of this fabulous stuff.

I'm going to post pics of my wheeler and shack when I get everything ready.

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Eskimo Quickflip II

Eskimo MAKO 8" auger

Vexilar FL-20 Ultra pack

Lowrance ifinder H2Oc with lakemaster

2 St. Croix combos L and UL, Gander Mountain combo of some sorts

Bever dam tipup, + 3 other cheaper ones,

11lbs propane tank with heater buddy and hose + filter,

Mr heater sunflower. bout $350 worth of tackle, jigs, ect.

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Genz pro one man pullover

fish trap 2 man

Strike master lazer

strikemater 2000 ( for sale)

2 mister buddy's

mora hand auger

vexilar f-18

10- rods and reels


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Fun post...

Rods: My own Custom(parts from Thorne Brothers), Thorne Brothers, Jason Mitchel.(too many total to list how many of each)

Reels: Shimano, Tica

Fish house: Otter, Pak Shak

Camera:Aqua-Vu Scout XL(soon to ad MarCum 820)

Auger:Nills Master

Depth Finders:MarCum LX-5, MarCum Lx-3, Vexilar FL-18, Nature Vision Showdown.

Rod Bag: MarCum, Stone Legacy Revolution

Clothing.. Arctic Armor

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Seeing the lists that you guys have kinda makes me a little jealous. I thought i had a lot of gear. :i

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X Thermal portable, 8" Strikemaster auger, Lowrance x67c, Lowrance Expedition c GPS with lake chip, 8 Gold Genz rod and reels, 2 Berkley Rod and reels, Aqua Vu Scout, Mr. Buddy Heater, 96cm HK Rope Lights, Tip Ups, jigs and spoons and a cooler full of beer!

Ooh, and a 8 x 18 perm on Mille Lacs

It's getting close....

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Fish trap guide

Fish trap scout

9" Lazer Mag

Marcum VX2

H2O with MN and Devils Lake chip

2 thorne bro rods

cabelas rod

st croix

5 generic rods

5 Pflueger reels

6" hand auger

slew of jigs

Little buddy heater

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After getting stuck about 10 times (no lie!) last year trying to get to lakes around Bemidji and back home, in a Pontiac Grand Prix, my list will start with a:

4x4 Ford Ranger!!!!!

Genz Fish Trap Pro

Shappell 2000 portable

8" Strikemaster Mag 3 power auger (want a Lazer Express!)

8" Lazer hand auger

Garmin GPS

FL-8 Vexilar

15 jig sticks

2 or 3 rod and reel setups

a few tip-ups

Mr Buddy heater

plenty of 1 lb. propane tanks

Sunflower heater with 5 lb. tank

Reel Weeds

Minnow Bucket

A few 5 gallon pails with seat covers.


100's of panfish and walleye jigs and counting

backpack to carry stuff in

Cabelas snowpants, LaCrosse packboots, old Timberwolves jacket with many holes from heaters... any pair of gloves i can find and a stocking hat,

Hopefully my dad, a good buddy, or my girlfriend and some food or hot/cold beverage!

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5" mora hand auger, buddy heater, 5 gal pail, Ice scooper, $15 walmart rod n reel and a small box of jigs n spoons.

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This will be my 4th year on the ice and man im excited. Its a serious addiction for me. Between a the new gear and waiting for the ice to shape up i'm doing everything i can to be patient for a few more weeks. This year i've had the funds available to make some up grades and additions to my equipment arsenal. Trap Pro, Clam 2000, Mr Budby Heater. 7" Lazer hand auger. New 8" Lazer mag express. New Humminbird Ice 55. New 26" bro rod with a Okuma Hardstone 10. Berkley sight fishing rod with Okuma Stinson 10. Frabill bait bucket. 2, 5 gallon buckets, 1 bucket seat. Plano tackle box with way to much money invested in jigs, spoons and flyers....Looking in this box really makes me think that i have a problem. Things i still think I need are a New Ice suit and a Lowrance H20 C.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • It might be better to buy a small second unit and link them.    My guess is what you want is not something enough people want to justify implementing.   Personally I have a hard enough time watching a bobber.
    • Welcome to the Forum.  What brand gun is it? Would help to pick choke tubes out.  Size 6 shot should do the trick, but I'm sure more folks will chime in here. 
    • I upgraded my electronics this year to a Humminbird Helix 10. I love it so far with the exception of not being able to split the screen into 4 separate screens. The max that you can do is 3. I would really like to be able to have the map, sonar, down imaging, and side imaging on the screen at the same time while trolling. I emailed tech support and they said it's not something that is an option at this time. Right now when I'm fishing I switch back and forth between map, sonar, and DI and sonar, DI, and SI. Is there anyone else that thinks this should be an option? I don't know see why you can't customize the screen to show whichever features you prefer instead of only using the preloaded options that Humminbird decided on. I have thought about emailing the company weekly asking if they have that ability yet but wanted to see if anyone else thinks it should be an option. 
    • I just purchased a used 20 gauge for my 14 year old daughter. I hunt mostly state land for pheasants. It is a 2 3/4 auto with interchangeable chokes. What size steel shot and choke tube would you recomend for her?
    • I just got back from a work trip to MI. I could not believe the difference in ground cover. We traveled all the way from Dearborn back to Bemidji heading through the U.P.  Most of MI had very little ground cover but WI was flush, green everywhere! I only got to check a few spots at rest areas but I never saw a thing. The ground was dry at most spots on the way home. I'm gonna go hit my spot tomorrow, hopefully it hasn't been picked yet!
    • love those when ya see them!!!
    • Took the kayak crappie fishing opening weekend and when calm always bring with the DSLR with. These turtles are glad the weather has finally consistently warmed up. I always find it funny seeing turtles stacked on top of each other and found a few along with multiple species which was nice.     
    • I was going to hunt wi this weekend but fishing musky with my fly rod is what I will do instead.  Good luck!!!!!!!
    • Anyone still at it?   not sure that i will get Isaac out anymore, will still ask these last few days.   Good luck everyone.