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Frabill Hideout for Spearing

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I was wondering what you expert's thought of the Frabill Hideout as a portable shelter for spearing?

I have never been spearfishing before, and so I have no idea of the possible pros and cons.

I do have a couple of ice shelters (clam scout, and canvascraft Nopac 2-man), but I thought this might serve better for spearing than my canvascraft house.

I was thinking that I could make a 4x8 suitcase, but I think the Hideout would be easier to manage (weight, pulling, etc.). The available open space is 16"x72". I guess this might be tad narrow, but at least there is one large open spot, and not small cut-outs like most suitcase style shelters.

One negative aspect is that you would be limited to spearing from only one side. Do most spearers have 360degree access around the hole?

It the end I may stick with my canvascraft, but since the inside is white, I was thinking of getting the Hideout.

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Canvas Craft is goign to be a tought house to beat when it come to suit cases. But if you have the white inside, it might not be that bad becuase its all insulated. I would want to have it black in there, so you might have to go a different route.

As fas as the hole, everyone cuts there holes on one side ofthe house, becuase that sideis goign to have all water on it, so the other side of the house is all space to put all the stuff you need in the house.

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    • On June 30 I sent the dnr an email this is their response, "Hello Rob,
      The hunting regs will be out the last week in July"
    • I agree about the lodge. After gear and any snow it can become a heavy pull. The lodge fit in my 1500 chevy silverado (6.5 ft box) as long a you put the flat end of the tub to the front and when closing the tailgate you had to pick up the end of the sled just a little for the gate to close. 
    • When the heck do they issue them? Seems to be getting late. I'd like to know what kind of slaughterhouse Zone 1 will be, or if they are going to play it smart and continue being a bit conservative 
    • Definitely plan on doing some pulling by hand ealry ice so I'm thinking the cabin it is then. Thanks for the tips and info on the otters and equipment it's been a very big help!
    • Yep, I've contacted 4 or 5 campgrounds in the last couple of days. One has gotten back to me, the rest have not yet.   We will be up that way over the Labor Day holiday so we can check out a few campgrounds while we are there. We actually checked out 2 or 3 while we were up there last year at that time.   I'm not too sure if we are ready to take the plunge yet or not but we are close.
    •   If you are start talking to the owners of the campgrounds now about letting you know when there may be an opening. Ours fills up during the summer but at the end of the season the owners will start hearing about those that will be moving out at the end of the year. Lot's of relatives will tell their families as soon as they hear someone is moving out. Good Luck.
    • Thanks guys. Looks like there are a few lakes to checkout.
    • I really hope the wolves aren't seriously considering this. You take LeBron James off the cavs, and Irving leads them to an 8 seed in the east, at best! This is going to be KAT's team for years to come, so if Irving is looking to be top dog, it certainly won't be here! Personally, I don't think he'll be traded. If the lakers show any sign of improvement in this upcoming season, LeBron will be leaving to go there anyway, so Irving just needs to be patient and he'll be he top guy again.
    • We're definitely checking out our options in a couple of areas we like but I'm not sure if it will happen as early as next year or not.
    • Definitely something to be said about parking it an leaving.  My fees are nothing except the bills I help pay for at the family cabin.  Would hate hooking and unhooking all the time.
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