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Coon cuffs

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Which brand to get? Time to thin out the urban coon population in my back yard.

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I've heard the lil Griz is the best for the $.

I also heard of a a great alternative.

Use #1 coilsprings. Put a thin sponge w/ non fish/meat bait (oil of anise, grape jelly, syrup, etc.) under the pan. Bed the trap solidly and stake.

THEN>>> put a 6" wide by 8" long PVC pipe over/around it on end. On top of the pipe, have a cap glued on w/ a 1.5" hole cut in the middle. Make sure the pipe is "screwed" in the ground a little so it can't be easily tipped or pulled off, but leave just enough room for the trap jaws to freely close.

If you don't worry about trap theft, leave the white top exposed for eye appeal, or cover all but the hole to make nearly invisible.

Most trappers know that the #1 on a front foot catch is great because it leaves too little room for the coon to cause much self inflicted damage and is very strong for holding power.

Plus its a much cheaper alternative. I've also heard of a larger clumsier version w/ 3/8" plywood and a 1.5" hole as well.

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