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Jiggle's first nice buck!

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well lets just say, after 31 years, with the hard work, help and encouragement of guys and gals like yourselves, I got it done!

as the saga unfolds, I have been hunting an area of public land that has been harboring at least three nice bucks that I know of including one I almost spelled boner.

anyhow as some of you have been reading, I past on a marginal opportunity on an eight that had some junk, I thought after the pictures it may have been the crazy horn buck...not sure.

then two afternoons I had a fork and spiker come underneath me, then yesterday morning a 6 come right directly under me.

I had a good feeling about this morning. when I woke up it was pouring rain, but with just two mornings left before all [PoorWordUsage] breaks loose with the rifles and city slickers, there was no question I would go out and sit as long as I could until I got soaked to the bone and couldn't stand it any more.

I woke my ever so understanding wife and told her this was the day. honest to god. I told her to get ready with the camera.

I headed out to the same strip of balsams as I had seen the three other bucks the last couple of days.

my game plan had evolved from using the balsam as cover, to sitting out from the balsam as I figured the deer were using it as cover, like a travel corridor. I would choose a tree outside 15 - 20 yards as to have better shooting opportunities into the balsam.

as it turned out, I got to the balsams right on time.

these balsams as I stated before are the transition of mature hardwoods to harvested aspen of 16 year growth.

I will never under-estimate the value of a transitional area again.

I looked now for the perfect tree away from the strip of balsams. the first choice had a widow maker leaning against it and without considerable effort, it was going to remain there, in the way.

I looked for my second choice. it was a nice straight aspen and I made my way to it, over and around dead falls and other natural obstacles, I strapped my climber to it, and started up. after my second ratchet, I decided this was not the tree for today.

the tree had an awful lean to it, causing the climber to be way out of whack, and feeling completely unsafe, I clum my way back down.

now time was ticking away.

looking and not finding another suitable tree in which to observe the protective balsam barrier, I opted to pick another tree inside the protection of the balsams.

I clum that aspen tree and settled in for what turned out to be a rather short sit.

I had only caught my breath from the climb when I noticed a deer coming my way through the openness of the hardwoods.

A doe. what? she must die.

so, as she came nearer, I raised my self, then reflex buckskin.

she went behind some balsam boughs and I came to full draw.

when she stepped into my pin, I should have stopped her with a bark, but instead I let fly.

I could have sworn I hit her, but a little back I thought.

she bounded forward about 25 feet and stopped in the safety of the conifers, looking back at the spot I just shot at her from.

I could see her looking, sniffing, and she even licked her nose.

How could I have missed her?

I couldn't see my arrow.

she simply wandered off and I just stood there stunned.

I never miss when target practicing.

heck, I even practiced this very shot yesterday with every hit in the kill zone.

I even took one in the neck for good practice.

I told myself, sit down.

if you missed her, you missed her. if you hit her, your going to have to leave her anyway. at least a half hour.

who knows, maybe a buck will follow her in.

so there I sat.

all these hours in the stand, all these showers. the scent free laundry routine. all comes down to this.

I took a deep breath trying to relax. Then I saw movement. coming in the same way as the doe, I knew it had to be, and it was, a mature buck with his nose to the ground!

he was coming in just as she had, and I knew exactly what he was going to do.

31 years of deer hunting and never a decent buck.

granted, for many of those years I didn't care if had spikes, forks or what ever, if it had horns that was good enough for me.

Now I have been hunting hard for the last ten years or so for a decent buck.

I have had near misses, blunders and good old fashioned hard luck, but this year, I was bound and determined to smack a nice buck before rifle season and with two days left, the pressure was on.

he kept coming in just as the doe had. I stood, with my second arrow nocked, clipped my release to the D-loop, and waited. it wasn't long when the buck reached the last log the doe had jumped before I shot at her.

he sniffed, hopped and was behind the same balsam branch, allowing me to come to full draw.

he hesitated, then stepped into my 20 yard pin and I let her fly.

THWACK!! I'll never forget that sound.

It was just like in the movies.

I hit him a bit high I thought but not bad. he bounded away forward and right. by the third bound, I could see blood rushing from his entry wound.

then he disappeared.

I was so over pumped I had to sit down. I set my bow down on the rail in front of me and looked straight up.

I said my thanks and asked for help.

I was shaking so bad I couldn't climb down so I sat there.

then it started to rain again. "oh no" I thought, "I'm going to loose blood trail"

I called my brother who I work for and has allowed me the time to persue my addiction, for help tracking.

there was no answer, so I called my IBOT brother Goose and got him out of bed.

I told him where I was and he was on the road in minutes.

I made my way down the tree after about fifteen minutes.

I knew I had to look for my arrows and to my surprise, they were both there in the dirt by the tree they passed by, not 6 inches from each other, both covered in blood!


still not confident in the first hit, I went to where she stood, and there, was a puddle of thick dark blood. the white hair made me think the hit on the doe was back and low.

as it turned out, it was the tail end of the lung and passing out through the abdominal wall out low.

As I waited on Goose, the rain continued, so I pushed a bit further to get a direction on the buck who left a nice blood trail.

Again, I chose to wait.

I rifled through my cell address book, then called my brother Steve who was on his way up for deer camp.

I told him when I figured out what was going on, I'd call him.

I called him back 3 minutes later to tell him I had found my buck, not forty yards from where I shot at it!!


As Goose made his way to my location, he yelled and I heard him. I answered back.

I told him I found the buck, and he yelled,that the doe was bedded along side the trail.

she was hit good, but low. she wouldn't get up.

we dealt with the buck and waited in the truck for a half hour and in that time, she expired.

I got them both!


thanks to you all for listening to my ramblings. I am so high right now, I cant think of anything but next season.

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You are the man!!!! Great Story. I wish I could be that lucky. I missed a small eight this year and am headed out again tomorrow morning and night to get him.

Again Congrats.


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congrats on such a great story and a positive outcome!!!!! YOU ARE HOOKED for sure. You paid your dues and it came in two's so now all the fun begins with the pictures and processing.

Again great story and beautiful 1st buck.


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What a memorable day in stand and story. It's nice when a goal finally comes to fruition. Congratulations on a very nice buck. He's got a very dark face... quite unique.

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Great story with a good ending. It's amazing those two arrows were that close together. Now that's what you call groups!! ha ha. Congrats

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Way to go on the double! Is that a patented ice fishing move as well-THE DOUBLE JIGGLE? Great story and great job on the deer, definately a hunt you'll remember for the ages!


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Way to go!!! I wimped out today and tried a little duck hunting this afternoon. I didn't see a thing, I should've been in the treestand. I'm looking forward to getting my 10 year old daughter out this weekend with her rifle. Hopefully she'll harvest her first deer. If she leaves me a tag, I'm gonna try some more bowhunting during the week next week.


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Congrats, that is one of those things you will never forget!

(Oh and the waiting for next season thing gets worse very year... At least for me!)

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Great story... Congrats.

the day I stop getting deer/buck fever is the day I will stop hunting. I love it when you can't stop your knees from knocking...

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Good job, you diffinetly earned your deer, both of them. Good story and a happy ending.

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Congrates Jiggle's and also great story smile

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Good job, you diffinetly earned your deer, both of them. Good story and a happy ending.

It was a great day for sure.

WTG and good luck next year!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • So Fenton is the pick, maybe we can sell off our talent and pickup some middling speedsters/diamonds in the rough and make a vegas like run. 
    • It is not looking good from our end. I finally got Morgan out yesterday and she came to full draw on a nice tom but he busted her on the draw and scooted out of there. I got a shot off at him at 20 yards and he was walking and I didn't quite lead him enough. I clipped feathers back in high but he was fine otherwise.   I have family obligations this coming weekend and stuff going on the following weekend. There's a good chance that our turkey season is over.  If this was Ryan without the tag he would be pushing hard and still chomping at the bit to shoot something. Morgan is much less concerned with filling her tag.    Unpunched tags drive me completely crazy! But it looks like we will have some in the Engel household this year. Sorry team! Good job to you guys who managed to get it done and my apologies that we couldn't hold up our end of the bargain. Well... Ryan did, but Morgan and I couldn't do it this year. Next time!
    • The lake was low when we fished it but they only closed the dam days before ,, should be able to get under the bridge to get to Little yellow ,,, I have not heard that the crappie action was going well tho ,,, Did catch some decent pike  but no walleyes 
    • How high is the water, wondering if we can get into little yellow this memorial weekend or not.  How was fishing?    
    • Careful, man.  Any such suggestions get criticized pretty heavily.  I came here around this time last year and posted something similar, and I hadn't been on this forum for quite some time.  My question was met by one of the mods with mock & ridicule.  But he thought that was okay as long as he put a smiley face or an lol after every sentence.  Funny, funny guy.  No wonder it's a ghost town around here.  Too bad, this was a must-read destination back in the day.
    • Here are a couple pictures from our WI season. We were able to take 5 birds. Two of us had two tags and one buddy just had one tag. Really think the predators in the area have these birds learning to be silent. They do not gobble much and if they do it’s mainly morning before fly down 2 or 3 times at the most. Over that last 5 years it’s been like this the first 10 years gobbling was heard through the day but now you don’t hear that gobbling in the distance or to calls very often. Still come to calls but almost ways silent now which is fine they still come in.   Finally all done and food plots are almost finished love the spring time.
    • Congrats on the bird
    • Congrats on the bird.
    • Assume you were in a blind since you are bow hunting.  That is a long time ...  active bird or no bird.   Very Nice.
    • Way to go!  That's persistence!