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PSE X-Force or Bowtech Guardian?

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I shot the X-force and wasn't a big fan. I thought it was loud (my most important criterion for selection of a bow) and had a lot of handshock. However, it was a bare bow and didn't have any dampening gear, particularly an STS on it. I shot one last week that had all the sound and vibration doo-dads on it and it was much better. It's lightening fast!

That being said, I'm a huge fan of the Guardians. I actually shoot a Commander, which is just a longer ATA version of the Guardian. I shoot a heavy arrow at 275 fps, which is plenty fast for me. My bow is about as quiet as I've heard and has virtually no handshock. I know half a dozen guys who have Guardians or Commanders and all but one have been super happy. Warning- if you have a draw length longer than 30 inches, I'd be a little hesitant- my brother, along with a lot of other guys on the Internet, have had problems with Guardians and Commanders with a longer than 30 inch draw length. Under 30 inches, the reports have been like mine- very happy.

Good luck with your decision. Most importantly, shoot both bows and see what you like best. Also, think about what's most important to you- speed, noise, draw cycle, or handshock. Then, make your decision. Good luck!

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I agree with scoot I also shot the Xforce and hated it (NOT VERY SMOOTH) ask yourself this why shoot more pounds if you don't have to and achieve the same speed? I am not a promoter of Bowtech, but I am hooked with the accuracy and overall performance of these bows and I have 3 buddies that now own newer Matthews and shot mine and said "I want a bowtech" and mine is a 2006 Allegiance and it maxes out at 60pds and I am shooting 265FPS with a 400 grain arrow which is moving and I shot my arrow through a chrono at my guys bow shop set at 50 pds and I shot 285FPS what does that tell you.

I have back problems and I have never shot this bow past 57pds because there is no need for it. I read an article a few years ago in BOWHUNTER mag and it was about the draw weight fine line and how not to cross it. For me if I try to shoot 60 pds I can,but I dont have the confidence that my arrow will go where I want it to every time like I do when it is at 57 pds (seems stupid, but just try it and you will see what I mean) sorry for going off on a tangent, I made a heart shot on a doe at 45 yds with a mechanical 2 years ago and my bow was set at 50 pds and it broke both shoulders.

If you need I have a good guy to recommend you to for a Bowtech, he shoots for Bowtech and is a very nice guy with a great business and I can not go there for a whole year and I will walk in there and he says hey Chris how the heck have you been and [PoorWordUsage]. To me thats the guy that gets my business in a heartbeat. Shoot me an email if your interested.

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I have shot both, and like the Guardian better. It is smoother and quieter. I would recommend you shooting both and get what fits you best.

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Its all about what you want in your bow. I will say that bone stock. the Bowtech will be quieter with less vibration. I just purchased an Xforce this year. It was kinda loud and vib'n as a bare bow. I added the String Tamer to it and its night and day. I haven't added anything else to this bow besides the stabilizer and sight/rest etc.

Its very quiet, no vibration and wicked fast. I also only shoot 60lbs, but that's cause I can get more power from the Xforce at 60lbs than I did from my Darton at 70lbs. My 380gr arrow is shooting 295FPS. I'm thinking of moving to a heavier arrow for more KE, but I like where its at.

I can draw my bow nice and slow with no problems. In fact I drew on the same deer 3 times last night before it offered me a shot.

The best thing to do is shoot them both and decide on the one you like best. If you get them both factory-ready than I'm sure you'll choose the Bowtech. Try to find an equally equipped X-force and you might change your mind. If you're in the metro and you''d like to try mine let me know. I have a 28" draw length. Oh yeah, the Xforce runs about a half inch long, so try to choose one size shorter than you're used to.

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    • I've been using the Eagle Claw inline for 4 seasons now and it's always been a good cheaper option.  Never had a real problem with it.  For all the drag issues I hear about it, it didn't let me down at all when I hooked into a 27" lake trout while fishing for rainbows last season.  On that note, I was able to try 13's 6061 reel for a bit last season and that sucker is so freaking smooth that I'm going to get one this season.  If don't want to spend $80 on a top-of-the-line inline like 13 Fishing, the Eagle Claw works just fine at $30.
    • I am all for folks finding and sharing a good deal. Just don't let it be a direct link to another forum. thanks
    • CM, what is Chi doing with Hossa?  If Parise can't go or only can give 75% why not shelf him like Chi did with Hossa and save that cap space.
    • Stealing this idea from the old "Meat Sales" thread, where people share info on great deals grocery stores are currently running. Since we're getting close to the hard water season, I thought we could create a thread where people can share any good deals on ice fishing gear or apparel. Anything goes, if you see a sale on ice fishing equipment and think others might be interested in it, let us know.
    • This is a common misconception with LTIR. I too, thought it meant we "saved" money until I read up on it recently. What LTIR actually allows is for a team to go OVER the cap during a player(s) on LTIR, but once they return, they have to get back under the cap. So, true, it would allow them to spend more, but over the long haul it wouldn't be something they could go out and get someone to fill in without haven't to do something when the LTIR players return.
    • Population is up in NW WI where I hunt public land for deer.  I see grouse every time I go to deer stands or scouting, which is much improved over even a couple years ago.  I just can't get one to stand still for a bow shot, they are very skittish over there.  
    • NW Wisconsin public land.  New scrapes started appearing mid last week.   A couple were freshly hit on Sunday when I was out.  None were very big.    Interestingly I did see a small 6pt buck in the open at lunch time while I was scouting spots, and based on the direction he was going he was working his way to a logging road that had a scrape and tracks on it.  
    • Only made it out for one day for resident opener this last weekend but we had a great hunt. Took the day off and got out yesterday and battled the heat. I almost chose to call it quits early but went slow and took our time but had to take lots of breaks in the field. It was 74 degrees out and if I found water the dog got dunked. Was pretty slow day didn't see a single bird or shoot my first bird until 3:30pm. Ended up shooting all 3 of my birds in the same WIA in the span of an hour. Dog pointed a group of 3 hens in the same spot and then another by itself. Went about 30 yards further and dog locked up. Flushed bird it was rooster and dropped it on the first shot. As I shot 2 other roosters got up in gun range. With just one shell left in my O/U I rushed a shot going for a double, doh. Focused on where downed bird went down and sure enough another rooster gets up in the same spot it went down. Rushed both shots thinking it was the same bird I already knocked down. doh x2 Fortunately dog was able to retrieve first bird so was nice to put one in the vest for our first bird of the year. Took a water break and regrouped as that was a lot of excitement in a short amount of time and dog was overheated. Sat there for about 20 mins and let dog catch his breath. Started working field again and we no more and got started and dog locks up. Flush bird and its a rooster and he only needed one shot before he folded. Retrieved to hand and continued on.   Continue working to end of the property and saw a few more hens and one other rooster that I didn't want to drop over the water and thick cattails. He didn't fly far and hoped to get him on the way back as we walked side we hadn't covered yet. Dog locked up again on the other side and I let the bird get out a ways. Dropped it on the first shot and figured we were done for the day as it folded hard. It ended up being a runner and took off straight for the mud and thick cattails. We tried to track it, found some feathers so thought we were right on it. But once the dog got buried deep in the thick stuff it was just too warm. No scent going through there and he was getting way too overheated so I called him off the track.  We did end up getting our 3rd bird of the day with another nice point and retrieve. Was a good day to be out despite the heat. I spend the rest of the day scouting out other areas to hunt. Put about 350 miles on the truck and other than that one walk didnt see anything else. Did shoot a couple coons though and found a great set of antlers.  Unfortunately I forgot to bring my gopro and only took a couple pics.
    • I have had good luck with the eagle claw inline reel and love the freespool option. I have 3 of them and they all work great.
    • A few scrapes in the woods, cameras show the big boys moving at night still but they are around. Another week and I will start light rattling. I am  saving my best spots for Halloween on, unless a camera shows big boy daylight activity.
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