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Hey Lisa

Have you heard anything about rebuilding the KOA up there or do I need to look elsewhere? The campgrounds where you guys had the first womens get together looked good. Along with all the good stuff you had to say about it.

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Hey DeeDee, good to hear you're starting the planning for this summer!! Yeah!! We stayed at Paul Waldowski's place On Mille Lacs called Appeldoorn's Sunset Bay Resort.

Here's the article from the Pine Jounal from Oct. 16, 2008 about the KOA fire (I finally found it!):

A fire at the Carlton KOA Monday morning destroyed the campground’s main building.

Owners William and Barb Higton had closed the campground for the season on Sunday and William Higton said he had turned off the water and performed other closing duties before leaving the building around 1 a.m. He then headed to his home a few hundred feet away and went to sleep.

“We woke up to the police banging on our door at about 6 a.m.,” Barb Higton said.

A fire destroyed the main building at the KOA in Carlton Monday. A passer-by saw the burning building and alerted authorities. When firefighters arrived flames were shooting through the roof of the building, which contained a laundry room, TV room, showers, game room and a store. A swimming pool behind it was spared.

Fire suppression efforts were hampered somewhat because there are no hydrants in the area, according to Cloquet Fire Captain and Paramedic Steve Kolodge. The building, located at 1381 Carlton Road, falls into Cloquet Fire Department jurisdiction.

Fire department personnel and/or equipment came from Cloquet, Perch Lake, Esko and Carlton as well as Cloquet Police. They had the fire contained by 9 a.m. but monitored the scene for much of the day. Fire officials did not immediately know the cause of the fire and an investigation began on Tuesday.

Cloquet Fire Captain and Paramedic Gordy Meagher said the investigation will take at least several weeks.

“We have a lot of digging to do,” he explained. “The structure was so badly damaged with most of the roof fallen into the floor.”

William Higton said he was just thankful no one was inside the building at the time of the fire.

Kolodge said the damage to the building, which is a total loss, was estimated at $400,000.

The campground has been open since 1975 and the Higtons, who have owned the campground for 10 years, are insured.

“I’m already brainstorming ideas for a new building," William Higton said. “What else can you do?”

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    • Ended up with one bird on public ground western meeker County Friday afternoon. Saturday the pooch put up 6 birds for us in the morning in swift co with hardly a breeze and all I could do was tickle 1 bird, not very proud of that.  This morning the wind was howling which made the birds jumpy but managed a couple.  We pounded a lot of gravel and didn't see much at all, but then again lots of corn still in.
    • I had military mickeys for years... and years but about 2 years ago I bought Baffin's. AWESOME boots. Sooooooo comfy, warm and decently light. I own Muck's and they are great for more "active" fishing as my feet get cold in them if I just sit one the ice all day. That said, you CAN walk all day in mucks. The comment about Baffin's being large and unable to get pants over...very true! But a great boot none the less.
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    • Nothing super pretty but its keeping the dog happy. 
    • BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, the last several days. I have not had the time to even sit down at my desk and jot anything down. The grand kids have been over so I have put them to work. They, under the proper direction work way quicker then I do. Big garden has been harvested and pretty much cleaned up. The growing potatoes in five gallon buckets did not turn out as planned. I did get a mess of small potatoes which will be good in stews but no big tatters were grown. I have not given up as next year I will try again but add more holes to the buckets and use fresh new cuttings instead of the third generation seed potatoes like I did this year. Another bed was built and filled with dirt. If we get one last warm day the wife will transplant strawberries into it.   Apples were picked and pies made but the tree is still loaded so a few more picking days are needed More pies for the freezer will be made and I will make a couple of batches of applesauce. Should have mowed the grass but ran out of time, daughter wants leaves to bury her new flower bed and it is easier to rake when the grass is short. Normally it would not be a problem as I would just mow with the tractor and mulch it all. Shop still has to be cleaned out and mowers and tractor tucked inside. Have to make room for the snow thrower when I buy it. Or we will make a spot in the garage. We have been fighting a fruit fly invasion in the cabin. When I brought in the citrus bushes I forgot to give them their usual soap wash and I guess we brought in a bunch of fruit flies. I made traps and we seem to be winning the war as there are less fly's buzzing us.   The other night the oldest daughter and her girls took me shopping down at the General Store. I bought some tee shirts on sale and a new hard gun case. The gun case is for my son in law as I am going to gift him my double barrel shotgun. This will join the 30/30 that I gave him this summer. I know both guns will be taken care and get some use down the road. On our way home we spotted Stan and Jeanies ice cream truck and we honked till they pulled over. During this time of the year they also sell caramel apples and as soon as I said I would buy everyone wanted one. The best part of Stan’s caramel apples is they use ripe apples so you don't have to cut them up with knife to eat them like the kind they sell in a store. Nice thing is you are buying your apples from an ice cream truck so you can get any kind of sprinkes on your caramel apple. I just got a big apple double dipped in caramel and it was delious.   Chuck my next door neighbor has been busy this last week to. He tore of the roof on his porch and is redoing it all. A few more nice days and it will be shingled and then he will be good to go to do some bird hunting and before you know it deer season will be here. O as for bird hunting even though I am giving away my shotgun I still have my trusty single shot, which is a lot lighter to tote around the woods and it is full choke just in case a stupid grouse wanders into my backyard. Still have some tomatoes in the back under plastic and as long as a frost does not happen I will be harvesting tomatoes still. Lots of carrots in the beds and still more work for the kids to do. Today they are all at Old McDonnell's corn maze and I am staying home and am going to watch some football and maybe a hockey game this evening. We had satellite installed this week just so I can watch hockey this winter. Kind of a reward if I promise to get myself out of this wheelchair. I know a kind of funny reward but this is Lake Iwanttobethere
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