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HELP!! I Think I'm An Idiot...

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Can someone please explain in the simplest way which way the line is suppoosed to come off those 100 yrd. line spools. I bought a P-Line spooling line assistant that works really well, but i'm still not sure I did it right cause I hit the river with a freshly filled spool and was having tangle problems for awhile untill I yanked off 50 or 60 feet of rats nest. Not sure if I just had too much line on or if I hooked the spool on the holder backwards. I'm using spinning reels,P-Line,left hand retrieve...Thanks for any help. p.s. I did have the spool snug on the holder...

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If there is too much line on the spool it will certainly show those problems. I am pretty sure that was your problem. I like to leave about 3/32 to 1/8th inch of the lip of the spool clear. I know a lot of guys that fill them way too full.

Even with a spooling station, you should check a couple times while filling for any line twist. If you are still having twist issues, next time you are on the lake, take the lures off and let line out as you motor out from the ramp. The drag in the water will pull the line off, once the line is out, reel it back in and it should take the twist out.

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While tieing an arbor knot to the reel spool, make sure the line will be spooled on in the direction it is coiled onto the filler spool. This is the start to prevent line twist. From there as you spool the line, if the line begins to turn another way, flip the spool so it lays onto the spool again in the way the reel is turning with how the line spools off the filler spool. A bit of tension is always good too to keep things straight.

Also, when I am done spooling, especially for ice fishing. I pull approximately 30 to 40 feet of line back off the spool, a little at a time, all the while stretching the line. This allows the line to hang straight as it can for proper lure presentation. I do this after filling my spool at the begining of the season and also a few times during the use of the line in the season. I hate coils!!!!!

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