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He's alive!

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Out for the first time this season last night. Headed to some private/public just outside the north suburbs here. First time it's been touch this year I believe. Ton of trails, no real great sign, didn't see any rubs or scrapes on my way to the stand. The corn on the adjoining property is still in, and tall. I have a sneeking feeling they may be bedding in it. Anyways to the point!

I get on stand around 4, forgot my grunt, or too lazy to grab it i quite remember, so I just hang out, about 5 a basket six too his dismay about runs into my tree and he snorts and take off flag up and all. I would have taken him had I seen him, but he came up directly behind me tryin to cross my little island in the cattails and away he went the same direction before I had turned around. Figuring the gig was up I waited another half hour talkin to the squirrels. I got out of my stand determined to check out the corn and see what was goin on there before they really started moving. I saw some pretty good sign, they are in there. I jogged around to a cut field around a small pond and kicked up a dozen turkeys. I got back to my truck and decided to set up on a small debris pile over looking a fence line they like to run when threatened bordering the cattail slough. I no long get there and look around and i hear a thud thudthud thud coming up from behind me! It was the 6X7 i had seen last year twice, ( once at the opener of bow, he came out along that same fence line about 200 yards down from me put his nose to the air and walked back in, and the last day of muzzleloader he ran that fence on me from that same pile, itwas just dark enough when I put the beed on him I just couldn't make him out so I had to watch him run.) He was running straight at me, I didn't have the sense of mind to uncase my bow and take a crack at him until he had about passed me, when he got about 20 feet from me he just jaunted about 20 feet about 90 degrees arount my mound and ran that fencline again! By the time I was ready to go he was jumping the fence into the cats and all I could see was his rack bouncing along in the tails away from me. I was happy though just to see him around. Hes not as tall this year but hes a little wider it looks. He sure smelled as he ran pass though! Someone kicked him up out of a pine grove next to the abandoned farm house up by the road I think. I hope I see him at a more opportune moment this weekend.

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    • Nope, they've always been much too spineless to receive my vote.   I've always been more libertarian minded, but without the crazy parts. You have to include human and societal behavior into the equation to get ideals to actually work in the real world.      
    • 34 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today and I am eating strawberries and drinking lemonade, more about that later. Wednesday I did make it to the Resort and I spent the afternoon relaxing. I went in search of Elmer as I saw his truck parked out back. I went up to his room and tapped on the door only to hear what I thought was a loud grunt. I took that to mean "Come in" and so I did. I opened the door and was hit by a wall of heat. Elmer was sitting in a wood rocking chair, with a book in hand looking over a pair of cheater reading glasses at me. "Close the door" he commanded and I did. "Sit" he said and I did in an overstuffed chair in front of the window where a stream of sunshine was pouring into the room.   I sat back deep in the chair and relaxed. I let out some air and sat back even deeper into the cushions and I told myself this is what I was needing. I spoke out loudly to Elmer "Wife call?" And Elmer nodded his head yes. I then closed my eyes and just relaxed, Elmer already knew why I was there. I was almost ready for a nap when I felt then saw a hardback book fall into my lap. I reached down and picked it up and saw it was the new Clive Clusser book that I had bought Elmer for Christmas. I know this because I has written inside the book "Merry Christmas Elmer from Bobby." Also inside the book was a punch card from the Masterbaiters Shop for suckers, I think it was being used as a book marker. The book had not been read yet and I looked at Elmer and he said "Knock yourself out" When I bought the book for Elmer I was going to buy myself a copy to but had not gotten around to it.   I opened the book up and bent back the hard book covers slowly and then I went through the book every hundred pages or so and bent them back. This is how you break the binder on a hardback book without breaking the book. I heard the tapping of a glass on wood and I looked up to see Elmer offering me a empty glass and he said "Open the little fridge" and I did. Inside I found a cold carton of pink lemonade and a plastic container of strawberries. I took them both out and set them down on the little wood table between us. "Well pour" Elmer said and so I did. A few minutes later I was a few pages into Clives book and I was sipping on cold lemonade, eating strawberries in a warm room that was no longer hot with sunshine on my shoulders in a place far far away. Just the way I wanted to be the day before a visit to the hospital   I spent the afternoon and went late into the evening reading until I was done with the book. I closed it with a satisfied feeling like all of Mr. Clusser’s books leave me with. Strawberries and lemonade were long gone but it did not stop me from tipping my glass over my open mouth where I hoped I might get just one last drop but I did not. I said good night to Elmer and went down stairs where Chuck gave me a ride back to the cabin. Today finds me writing this story with a bowl of strawberries close at hand and a glass of lemonade. Not the same as summer but good enough for this time of year.   Sunshine Ray is a little off in his forecast. I did go to the hospital in sunny weather and I got all my tests done in record time. Every department I went to there was no waiting and I zipped right through. Today finds me in the den and although Ray’s forecast called for clouds he missed out on the rain that has been falling. Sitting here I can hear the water coming off the eves to make splattering sounds as it hits the snow on the ground. Ice dams on the roofs are gone, each time one slides off the roof Duncan starts barking and running around the cabin. Glad they are off the roof and even better they have come down when no one is beneath them to get hurt. Ray also forgot to mention that when it is not raining the snow fog moves in and if and when it gets cold out we are going to have ice every where here at Lake Iwanttobethere
    • And yup, the BLM certainly was there....the fruitcakes, and the rest of mainstream America, even the voting llama's...  
    • Hillary catches Bill staring at Ivanka  
    • Nothing wrong with liking some of the ideas......being a full blown nut job libertarian is another.
    • I've never watched one of these parades before........... it's so weird. Some funny arse signs in the crowds. At least they could have had some clowns throwing candy to kids. It's not like there is a shortage of clowns in DC.
    • Always the Russians.....
    • Trump does not use the POTUS twitter ..   Who ever twittered it, was not trump.   Prolly the russians ??  
    • They changed it today to the Obama inauguration pic, then changed it to the US flag, then changed it a third time to the grainy potato-cam pic of Trump staring at squirrels........
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