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Converting Boat-Mount Fishfinder for IceFishing

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Wondering if anyone has converted a electronic (digital display) fishfinder into something they can use on the ice? How does the cold weather impact the display? I'm thinking I can mount the sonar on something that fits down the hole and below the ice. I would use it more for reading depths than locating fish. Any tips are appreciated.

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Yes you can do it. However be aware of a couple of things. Most sporting goods stores sell adapaters and iceducers for many units to convert them. In a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) fish finder you need to be aware of the temperature you are exposing it to. Being that the display is liquid it CAN freeze. However in most icehouses it is ok because it is warm enough. If you do freeze the display it will look all goofy cause the liquid crystal sections have broken. Good Luck!

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A couple of years ago, when I aquired my boat, the seller thru in a LCG sonar that his deceased father (former boat owner) had converted to ice fishing duty.

The gentleman used the existing transducer, and mounted it on a rod assembly to hold it
in the hole. The sonar is a older Hummin'bird unit - a LCR 4000 maybe - I forget. I gave the unit to my son. There was no battery w/ the unit, so we bought a Vex gel cell, charger, and charge indicator for it. The prev. owner used a metal power tool case for transporting it - there is plenty of room for the screen, battery, cables, etc. The rod assembly for the transducer attachs to the outside of the tool case via a couple clips.

I used it last winter - it does work. A couple of caveats....

1) Since you aren't moving - what you see on the screen is just (flat) lines - fish, your jig/bait, and of course, the bottom.

2) The screen type units have a delay in them - you won't see the instant update that a flasher like a Vex will give you. The newest signals are on the edge of the screen.

3) As previously stated - keep them warm.

4) Depending on how new your unit is, I have read that some of the new LCG's have a "flasher" mode option in their software - so check your owners manual.

Hope this helps....


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They work alright. If all you are doing is reading depths, it'll be more than adequate, unless it gets too cold in which case the unit won't even turn on sometimes... One nice thing is that some of these units can read through the ice if you clear away some snow and put the transducer in water somehow (i.e. a partially drilled hole or a cup of water). I'm not sure if flashers can do that or not... You can pick up a plastic carrying case with an arm for the transducer for anywhere from $15 and up, but depending what type of transducer you have, you'll have to get creative whem you try to mount the transducer to the arm. I have a skimmer type, so I just use a little piece of wood and a lot of electrical tape. Works fine... Hope this helps some. Good luck!

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