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Uncle Bill

Oil prices

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So I call Dennis Kirk to have them get 4 quarts of oil and a filter ready for me.

$6.95 for a quart of HD oil !

Five weeks ago I paid $4.95 / quart.

Enough is enough.

Got any good alternatives ?

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HD makes motorcycles, not oil. Look on some of the popular Harley forums and see what others are using.

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Do you want cheap? Or do you want the best value?

AMSOIL will provide the best value.

Check out the MotorCycle White Paper link on this page:

AMSOIL 20W-50 MotorCycle Oil - test by independent lab of all the popular motorcycle oils.

AMSOIL is far from the lowest price, but it is the best value.

AMSOIL on line retail $11.40/qt, Preferred Customer $8.55/qt.

By the way, I believe that Harley branded fossil oil is made by Citgo, and Harley Screaming Eagle by Castrol.

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Thanks Oilman,

IMO, synthetic is not a good choice for a twin cam or older Harley.

Weather you believe "bearing skate" is real or myth, such engine builders as Bourget Bike Works, Big Dog, S&S do not recommend it in their engines. (Big Dog will void your warranty).

Harley Tech line do not recommend it either.

Has to do with "babbit bearing" or "plain bearing" VS. "roller bearings".

With the exception of the V-Rod, H-D and most other V-Twins are roller bearing engines.

(I do run syn. or syn. blend in auto, truck, 4 wheeler, snowmobile.)

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