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Bullet Makers

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I need to vent here a minute...

I HATE the fact that some of these manufactures are contstantly changing or dropping things from thier lines. I am a firm believer in knowing your firearm and I like to shoot a lot. For some reason I have found that I like to shoot and my guns work best with Fedral Ammunition. I shoot both the more expensive fedrals and the cheaper American Eagles but they are a pain to find consistantly. mad

I finaly find a handgun hunting round I am happy with and they stop producing it. What the....

I have tried em all. Winchester white box for range time, with grey box for a hunting round. No good. Incosistant, dirty as all get out, and open groups. Remington handgun rounds are a joke.

I just dont get it. A guy tries to support a local company (fedral being made in Anoka) and get rewarded with the fact that he can not get the rounds he wants 10min from that dang plant.

The dnr is flapping about high speed bullets and lead fragments. "I shoot fused rounds, shouldn't be a problem" Untill You Can Not Get Them In A Caliber You Used Them In The Year Before!!!!!

I made some calls today and was told "with the worry about lead fragments in deer they decided to focus on rifle bullets and not so much on their handgun rounds" AAARRRGGGHHHH that make me angry. So I looked around and sure enough, not a single box of Fusion in any hangun calliber in the 3 different stores I went to today.

Dont even get me started on .40cal range or PD round availability.

In threw the nose, out threw the mouth. Guess I have to start buying buy the case as uposed to a few boxes here or there.

Good thing I stocked up the rifle rounds before they started plating them in gold. sick

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I had this problem with Federal Fusions a year or two ago. I bought a box. I shot 1-1.5" groups with them. I thought, "hey I found something". The next year I went to get more. Same caliber and bullet weight. I got home and noticed they were slightly different. No canellure on the bullet and a different color primer. I decided to take them to the range. This new batch shot 4" groups. I tried a batch from another store. They grouped OK but were 4 inches higher. I have been using them for offhand practice.

Another one that drove me nuts. A year ago I was at a major sporting goods retailer and wanted to get some plain Remington core-lokts in the green and yellow box. .308 - 150 grain. They did not have them. They seemed to have every kind of fancy $35 dollar a box bullets under the sun. I just don't feel I need some fancy expensive bullet to kill a deer. It kind of makes a guy want to reload.

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I am looking hard into reloading equipment just to eliminate the variables. I have spent over 150$ trying to find a round that shoots well out of my bolt, and I'm still not satisfied. one day its 1 1/4" groups the next is 3". I'm shooting off of a caldwell lead sled on the ground. time to reload.

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Reloading doesn't save you money but you can get accuracy and consistency. whether it is for handgun or rifle, reloading is fun and I hope to be cost effective. I think it is truly the only way to get accurate ammo without winning the lottery. case in pt. 58 Hornady vmax in 243 is 36 bucks for 20 rounds. I can reload the same bullet with almost the exact same accuracy at 32 cents a round, 1/5th the cost.

of course it is a hobby (reloading) and the more you get into it, the more stuff you will get relating to it. I have been meaning to do a post on reloading basics and have not done so, maybe this week will be a good week to start it

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I also am upset about this. I reload for my 300 Rem Ultra Mag, I had been using barnes XLC 150 gn. Barnes discontinued the XLC, and now the Trip X is the hot ticket. I just finished loading 15 rounds tonight, and what a pain in the [PoorWordUsage] they are. Im going back to sierras its just not worth it loading those things.

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    • Down this way I have been getting most my fish around weed edges and weed clumps. Trigs for good edges and chatterbaits worked on bottom or over the weeds, kinda how I would fish a jig. Water around here is pretty murky right now. Docks have been good on those lakes with dirty water and not so many weeds.
    •   You'd poke yer eye out. 
    • Hi, from the Northwest Angle! Water temps are staying consistently in the low 70’s.

      Stateside, walleye fishing has been good from Lunatic to Garden Islands. The edges of islands and reefs in 22-29’ will provide walleye, perch and occasional large pike. Most productive methods have been minnows on gold spinners and deep diving crank baits in UV tiger, clown and blue/chrome.

      Canadian walleyes can be had jigging minnows with gold, pink, and chartreuse on edges of reefs.  Monkey Rocks is holding many schools of fish currently, as well as, reefs south of Deepwater Bay. Bottom bouncing outside these reefs will produce fish as well. Muskie fishing has slowed a little, however nice fish in upper 40’s can be caught in “windows” of time, usually coinciding with Majors and Minors.

      We hope to see you for some fantastic fall fishing & hunting!
    • He isn't going to set the world on fire, but only been a minus guy 3 times in his entire career. While Scandella is a -10 for his career. Quincey is more physical so I think that will be good. There is probably more upside with Scandella, no, definitely there could be, but he was really terrible last year. Perhaps Quincey gets paired with Dumba. That would be good for Dumba because when he was paired with Leopold he had his best stats following picking him up.
    • cloudy and rainy here today is gonna take all the fun out it. I do know the fish didn't cooperate for a sundown bite last night.
    • After two years cables go too.  Its all about maintenance.  If you case them and keep them lubed up there are plenty of people that have had electric jacks for may years.  Good reason its becoming almost a standard upgrade on many RV's out there.  Will report back, we are pulling the house back from the lake in a couple  weeks so should get a start on it inside of the month.
    • Any type of charging/starting systems should ALWAYS be fused. Basic wiring 101. If not, and you fry the he** out of something, no complaints are allowed.
    • The guy that built my frame talked me out of them. He said the first yr or two there great. Then problems start, he said I would be coming back to him and putting a winch system back on. He said he has taken the electric off lots of frames and put them back to winch system.   With the two speed winch and a cordless drill it is so easy.
    • The only thing to use them for, If I had one!      
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