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Eagle Pictures While Out Fishing

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    • Their, there. I was.  Not overly excited by anything I saw. Did get to shoot the Gearhead bow and was fairly impressed. Some uniqueness to this bow, and completely reversible right to left so dealers should like that as far as reduced inventory they must carry.  And the lightest crossbow out there. The new Halon shoots extremely well but like its predecessor just too heavy for my taste.  The Bowtech Reign felt pretty good, but again nothing special.  Everyone makes a roto molded cooler, trail camera, and broadhead nowdays. Liked the cast aluminum tree stands from Rivers Edge at a better price point than others.  Hawk is making some neat treestands and accessories. Goldtip was doing a demo bending their arrows vs other brands and was quite amazing how much farther theirs would bend before breaking, and how much their arrow recovered (would not take a set) after bending vs the other brands. I might switch just because of the durability and straightness factor. Got to hold the new world record Tennessee non-typ.  That's a lot of horn.
    • Therefore, if there is no point in making a point, that makes it a moot post to make a point that there is no point. so I'd like to point out that I find this entire dialogue pointless.    Sillytown has run amuck. 
    • Ayup. They asked me to take his place, but I can't stand Rawlings.
    • That does look like a fun day!
    • What? This can't be. Aaron's the real car building brains of this show. Richard is just the clown. Together they made it work. Apart?
    • It's catch-22.   The point is that there is no point.
    • Historical recreation of Robert Byrd's post election party.  
    • Bobby: I am currently a mechanical designer for HVAC/Plumbing/Fire Sprinkler systems... Although i am just using my two year degree and would prefer something more in management since i have a bachelors in operations management. Yes i have started using Indeed, just seems like a lot of "recruiters" post on those sites and not the actual company something about that just bothers me, although i have been going to different company websites to see if they are hiring.    Chasin: Thanks for the response although i get your point of view and I do enjoy fishing/hunting/being outside and all the above. There is limited time for all of that. We are just in the beginning stages of our children.  I noticed that up here the "Vibe" & "Pace" is much slower than the cities.  The big thing is family like some have said 4 hours isnt too far although when your kids only get to see there family 1-3 times a year its hard! That is the main motion for moving back never did we think we would with our first son although once these twins came it was a large decision that we wanted to be able to see family more.  As far as school etc my wife is a teacher and knows what she likes to see in a school district. we currently reside in a  town of 3000 people so we are in a very small school district along with many other things. Do we like it Yes, although things could change!  Ultimately we would raise our kids near family and HOPEFULLY be able to afford a cabin and then retire there at some point... Out kids are young and we are not that old so we have some time for that though!   Del:  Thanks, Unless you have land you will have a crazy neighbor in every neighborhood. 
    • Trump likes Putin. Putin likes Iran.
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