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Arctic Armor Trivia Contest!

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Hey everybody! While we are all patiently waiting for the ice, I thought it would be a good time to run a trivia contest. To enter all you need to do is answer the 7 questions that follow and email your answers to In the event we receive multiple correct entries, we will draw one winner to receive one of our IDIGear Parka Hunting Jackets (A $169.99 Value). The contest will end on October 31st, and we will announce the winner here in the forum. Good luck to everybody...

1. How do fish hear?

A. They don't

B. Through sound vibrations reverberating through the bones of their skull.

C. Through their gills

D. Through their fins

2. How do Antarctic ice fish survive in freezing water?

A. Special antifreeze chemicals in their blood

B. Extra layers of fat which earned them the nickname "Puffy Fish"

C. Constant high level of motion to keep blood circulating

D. There is no such fish

3. Known as one of the fastest fish, tunas are also built for long-distance endurance. How far do tuna migrate?

A. 7700 miles

B. 770 miles

C. 77 miles

D. 7 miles

4. What color(s) was the first Arctic Armor suit manufactured and offered to the public?

A. Red/Black.

B. Brown and gray.

C. White.

D. Blue.

5. In July of 1991 the largest lake trout ever caught was snagged by Rodney Harback of Canada. The weight of the fish confirmed his world record. Which of these weights is correct?

A. 40 lb. 8 oz

B. 66 lb. 8 oz

C. 166 lb. 8 oz

6. Which of the following is not a type of live bait typically used for ice fishing?

A. steamers

B. wax worms

C. mousies

D. spikes

7. What is the name of the ‘exclusive’ insulation found in Arctic Armor products that make them windproof, waterproof, good to sub-zero and buoyant?

A. Lexicon

B. Globorex

C. Insultex

D. Ice-O-Prot

*** Remember to send your answers to ***

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Just sent in my answers.

Thanks for this opportunity. Now I will need to buy some matching pants. smile

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Wow! Great response! I am sitting here checking answers this morning (Reminds me of my schoolteaching days). I received a mixture of correct and incorrect entries. Seems like some people think we originally made a blue suit. I think I may have seen one out there, but it isn't ours. Keep the entries coming...

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I'm in..... My email starts with KPfly12..... I forgot to add my forum name

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