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steve schmidt

scope adjustments

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I bought a new scope and the directions tell you what the increments are (EX: one click is 1/4 inch at 100 yards) It isn't clear on the left-right or up-down use.

By turning the up dial in the direction of the up arrow is this bringing the bullet impact up?

And turning the other dial left what does it do to the bullet trajectory.

May be simple, but I want to feel comfortable when I go to sight my gun in.

Also, I have an semi-automatic Is there a way to bore sight it?


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actually, you are not changing the bullet path (trajectory) when you adjust your scope. You are moving your cross hairs to the spot where the bullet hits. Typically your windage (right to left) and height (up & down) dials are marked with an arrow in the direction you want to adjust to. Do yourself a favor at the range and go to 25 yards 1st. You'll save time, agony, and ammo. Get dead center at 25 in 3 shot strings then move out to 100 and make adjustments.

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If you have someone with you or have a shooting bench that can secure the firearm, here is a "trick" that can help you sight your rifle in two shots (you must be on the paper with your first shot):

After taking a shot, say at 100 yds, reposition the firearm at your original aiming point (bullseye). Secure the firearm at this point. With the firearm secured, adjust elevation and windage until the crosshairs are on the first bullet hole. You should now be sighted-in.

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