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Humminbird Side-imaging and ice fishing

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has anyone heard of this being used? I just wonder about if it is possible, and how effective it is for locating structure. finding weedlines and other points would be so much quicker in theory because you drill one hole, could look 360 degrees 150 feet out and look for fish/structure, gps it, and drill over the top of what you want. I have been trying to justify the price of one of these units, and using it year round would make me feel a bit better. no doubt i would not give up my flasher, but for search and destroy missions, this would be awesome. (if it worked of course!)

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finding weedlines and other points would be so much quicker in theory because you drill one hole, could look 360 degrees 150 feet out and look for fish/structure

If what you said above is done, you will only get a blurred image. You have to be moving forward to get a good detailed image of contours on your SI. You can get an image sitting still, but the sonar is what I look at when sitting still.

IMO, the sonar/flasher feature would be the only reason I would even think of using my Humm. SI unit during the winter months.

I am just going to keep my Humm for the boat and LX-5 for the ice.

Good luck!

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Humminbird has a 3D sonar where it shows you the boat and about where the fish would be behind your boat. It would be really cool if it can be adapted to be used on ice.

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