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With consideration of my rant in posting "What to Expect", I am leaving my complaints and considerations in that post to sneak in a gutsy prediction for todays game against the LIONS.

Brad Childress already said, as I said he would in my previous rant, that this will be a tough game for the Vikes because its a division rival. Historically, it seems as though when Childress expects a tough game, he makes it tough on himself, no matter what the scenerio or score says.

For instance, San Fran last season was an NFL laughing stock. But when it came time for the 2-5 Vikes to play them, Childress said "Tough team, gonna be a tough one for us".

We went on to lay 28 points on them in the first half off of what I consider to be the best half of offensive Vikings football via The kick a$$ passing game (not to be confused with the two halves of kick a$$ run offense ( see Bears, and Chargers, 2007) since Brad Childress has taken over.

With all the momentum and a big lead going into the 2nd half, the Vikings went on to kick a field goal for the entire second halfs scoring by us, ensuring that the game would appear much tougher then one half of play would have indicated.

So, he has called it again as a tough game. However, the media says this should be a route, and we should have backups in by half time in a blow out game.

I expect some firsts from the Lions today. The first interception on defense. First points scored in the 1st quarter by there offense. But not the first win.

So here it is...

Vikings 37

Lions 20

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Scratch my earlier prediction. I'll go with the current score.

Detroit Tigers 3

Minnesota Twins 2


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Vikes playing down to their opponent's ability again. They've got some work to do to meet that 13.5pt spread margin.

What a horrible game.

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