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Jason Mitchell Rods

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Rainy Lake Houseboats

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Valesco Mortgage

Yetti Fish Houses (Glacier Lakes Docks)


Appledoorn's Sunset Bay Resort

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Betsy Ross Resort

Barker Bay Resort

Camp Manitou

Chase on the Lake Resort

Dora Lake Lodge

Drake Motel

Falls Motel

Gateway North Outfitters

Grandview/Tall Timber Resort

Half Moon Trail Resort

Hidden Island Resort

Highbanks Resort

Hunter Winfield's Resort

Jessie View Resort & RV Campground

Kinsey Houseboats

Lakewood Lodge

Lake Vermilion Resort Association

L&M Fly-Ins

Melgeorge's Resort on Elephant Lake

Northome Motel

River Bend Resort

Royal Dutchman Resort

Royal Shooks Motel

Rogers Campground

Schusters Resort

Shady Grove Resort

Shamrock Marina and Resort

St. Albans bay Resort

Twin Pines Resort

Voyageur Park Lodge

Walleye Retreat

Waskish Minnow Station-Ice Fishing-Hunting

Wheelers Point Resort

Woody's Rainy Lake Resort


Ausker's Guide and Fish House Rental

Big Jim's Guide Service

Border Country Outdoor Adventures

Burchs Guide Service

Casey's Guide Service

Cliff's Guide Service

Cookie's on Upper Red Lake

Croixsippi Guide Service

Cookies on Red Lake

Fish Traxx Guide Service

Ford's Guide Service

Great Day on the Water Guide Service

Hudson's On The Spot Guide Service

Hughley Guide Service

Jason Halfen Outdoors

Leech Lake Guide Service

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service


Ryan Peterson's Guiding

Steve Foss Guide Service

Three Rivers Outfitters

Bait Shops

Dave's Sportland Bait and Tackle

4 Seasons Sports and Guide Service

Waskish Minnow Station-Ice Fishing-Hunting

Fish On Bait & Habitat Outlet Store

Boat Dealers


Prudential Lakes Realty

Scott Seidl Alexandria Property Inc.

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    • Butt the 2 sheets tigh and leave the gap against the side walls of the boat where it will be less noticeable and get no foot traffic . A thin strip of aluminum riveted or screwed on the underneath side of the plywood helps to hold the seam tight
    • two bowls of that will send you to heaven!!
    • 10 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY early this morning. Can’t sleep so I got up and made a breakfast and rolled myself into the den to look at my mess. I am in the middle of a computer upgrade when my new addition decided to die on me. Not a new computer but the daughters old one which when running is ten times the old junker that I have been running. We have narrowed it done to the power supply but I am going to have my x son in law take a look before we do anything. If my den is not all ready crowded enough with a cluttered desk and tobacco out to roll some cigars and the trays of flowers under the grow lights there is just enough room for me and my chair.   So I hitched a ride yesterday afternoon to the Lodge with my neighbor Chuck. Place was quiet so I was actually working going over sales the last week and plotting sales when we had games on the new TV and sales are up. We will have it paid for here shortly and it might even make us money this summer if the Twins can put any kind of a season together. So I am at the bar and a older gent walks in that looks vaguely familiar. Looks the place over then takes a seat on a stool in front of me "HIYA" he says and I return the greeting. "Where are the dogs" he asks. I sit back in my stool and ask "You mean Bud and Barney?" He nods his head yes and says "It has been awhile since I have been here but I do remember being greeted by two big brown dogs" " They both passed a few years ago." I said. He nodded his head and said "Sorry for your loss" and we both just sat for awhile thinking of old dogs.   "My name is Luis" and he put out his hand which I shook. "Got a place on the end of the lake and this is a long drive to get here but I decided to make the drive today" "Welcome to the Lodge Luis" I said then I yelled out "Duncan" and Duncan got up from the couch in the office and came out to the main room. "Say hi to Luis" Duncan then came around to Luis, sat down and stuck out his paw to be shook. Luis chuckled some and shook Duncan’s paw and looked back at me and said "I figured you would not be dog less" Some petting and a few good rubs and the two of them were now long loss friends. Duncan came around the bar and laid down on his rug by the cooler.   "So what can I get ya Luis?" Luis looked at the back wall and said "You know it looks like a beer day, How about a Hamms?" So I poured him one and a shortly for myself and went into my bartender mode. "You have a dog Luis?" I asked. Luis wiped his mouth with his sleeve and smacked his lips. "I don’t but my wife does. "What kind ?" I asked and Luis told me he does not remember, it was expensive though and it is retired. "Retired, I asked, How old is it?" Luis taking another sip of his beer said "Two"   "How can it be retired already" I asked. Luis looking into his beer glass said "Well the wife carries it everywhere, dresses it up in spendy dog clothes, It fits inside her purse and she takes it shopping claming it is her companion, I thought I was her companion" Luis held out his glass for a refill and I poured him another. We spent some time talking about hunting dogs and big house dogs and dogs that never see the inside of a purse. I sat on my stool behind the bar with Duncan’s paw resting on my foot, I guess it aint all that bad here at Lake Iwanttobethere
    •     Sounds like Trump wants to run it like the DNC and the GOP run the debates, only minus the DNC...      
    •     Yes, that's what I was thinking.....    
    •   Rush was getting the pills from multiple doctors and off the street, which is punishable by up to 5 years in prison..  But, of course, he had the financial means to avoid prison, whereas the average Joe does not.   Ending the war on drugs means getting the federal government less involved with drug abuse, since they have failed miserably at the job.   States like Arizona and those going ahead with legalizing marijuana as a first step are taking the lead, and eventually the feds will have to step aside.        
    • I think about how to plan my housboat vacation. Do you have amazing ideas? 
    • Hi guys. I am a new member to this forum. This forum is so cool. I am glad being a member. 
    • Wow. You are great guys. 
    •   I see you're getting another syntax error on line 1.    
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