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Steve Foss

October challenge: Fall color

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Hey all:

Dan (Dbl) and I made an executive decision to dispense with voting for October and go with autumn color for the theme of the month. It was kind of a no brainer, you know? gringrin

There'll still be plenty of color left in the northern part of the state early in the month, with lots of chances farther south as the month progresses.

Remember, only a single image that must be captured within the month of October. smile

And don't forget, fall color doesn't have to mean pictures of brightly colored leaves. Halloween also produces a fall color. Then there are high school football, harvest celebrations and fall displays of corn shocks and corn. There are shotguns and shotgun shells and pheasants and grouse and ducks, and fat walleyes on the prowl to get fatter. Golly, the list can go on and on and on. gringrin

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I am so excited to see these pictures. I cant wait. Here the view is the same year round. mad

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I don't know about the fall colors after these storms roll through tonight. I may have to take pictures of the leaves on the ground.

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I'll be pleased to go first! The sun was cutting lines through the canopy when they came to rest immediately on the backs on these "Box Alder" leaf's. The sun's rays were like a spot, for it seemed only to focus on these particular leaf's. As you can see, the one leaf has completed approximately 50% of it's color transformation from green to red.


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Beautiful brook trout caught on a cold day. Didn't know there were trout in this stream dumping into the St. Croix, water must be cold enough for them to venture down there this time of year.042.jpg

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Now there's one I didn't expect!

Beautiful fish! Great fall color!

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I really feel like I miss out every month by not taking the time to get an image in the challenge. A great way to get people out with their gear!. I had planned on getting an image of a combine in a golden field,but the guys around here combine at night! mad

Walking thru the woods today with one of my daughters,this backlit leaf caught my eye giving me the opportunity to join the challenge this month.


File name


Camera Model Name

Canon EOS 30D


Firmware 1.0.5

Shooting Date/Time

10/4/2008 15:33:36

Tv(Shutter Speed)


Av(Aperture Value)


Metering Modes

Evaluative metering

Exposure Compensation


ISO Speed



EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM

Focal Length

400.0 mm

Image size

3504 x 2336

Image Quality




White Balance


AF mode

One-Shot AF

Picture Style



Tone Curve : Standard

Sharpness level : -

Pattern Sharpness : -

Contrast : 0

Sharpness : 3

Color saturation : 1

Color tone : 0

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I havent posted in a while so this is mine for Oct.


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Here is my entry for this month. Any C&C welcome.

40D, 24-70mm lens at 30mm, 1/250, f7.1, ISO 400, circular polarizer.


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Here's mine. Gorgeous shots in here already. I can't wait for the rest of the month.


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MT, pick one, buddy, and delete the other. Challenge rules are that a single image is to be submitted.

Not that they both aren't way cool. gringrin

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Pumper don't forget to register your bird.
    • Had 3 long beards come out gobbl8ng and running but not to me.  Had them all fired up but they obviously had another destination in mind.
    • I didn’t know grackles fished either.  Interesting. 
    • Was checking back to see you with a bird pic @Borch
    • So this is not a new thing!  Interesting.  I keep finding more and more complex behavior in so many of these "dumb" animals!  So many of them are anything but dumb.
    • When I was a kid, we used to have a pond in our yard. We would keep fish and minnows in there. The grackles would clean in out! We had to resort to putting a cover over it.
    • Last Thursday on a visit to my sister in Rock Rapids IA, we made a circuit through the Island Park there.  At the low dam just past the former railroad bridge which is now a walking path we saw a group of grackles fishing at the edge of the white water where it ran against the rocks at the shore line.  There probably were a dozen or so all told moving back and forth and some on the rocks at the other shore line.  In something like half an hour or less we saw various of the birds bring out minnows and eat them on the shore to a total of at least 8.  They also contested for the better fishing spots and tried to horn in on other birds' catches;   they would fly out to quite a bit up on shore with a catch to eat it there. I never expected to see grackles fishing.  I never heard of that before, but then it wouldn't be the first time I didn't know about something relatively common.
    • I've seen deer there, too.  I go by there on my way to work about 3:30 am S S & M.
    • Now they're gobbling...  seem to be getting a little closer.