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Universal Sonar2 and vexilar issue

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So after the past week, I finally got my 24volt system wired up with a 3 bank charger. Installed my Terrova with US2 and hooked up to my Vex FL8. I previously had a PD55 with the transducer that was mounted on at the bottom which it worked fine with that setup.

So I take it out tonight, and the first thing I notice that it is not reading the bottom at all. Thought it was odd, selected all the depths and adjusted the gain.....nothing. Turned on the trolling motor and I get a lot of feedback on the screen with the gain turned all the way down. Had this same issue with my previous tolling motor too but was able to adjust the gain to eliminate it. Hit the IR button a couple of times to see if that would help and got nothing. Unplugged everything and plugged it back in just to make sure and it still happens.

Did a search here and found this post (below), but what worries me the most is not seeing bottom at all. Did a test tonight when I got home and hooked up the puck and that works fine.

Any suggestions?

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Yes sir. FYI, previous motor didn't have US.

It is impossible to mix up US and US2 plugs. The plugs are totally different as the us2 plug is smaller. Trust me as I got the wrong one to being with, then as soon as I walked about 10 feet, I looked again and got the right one.

For the feedback, Used my vex battery and I get no feed back whatsoever but as soon as I hook it back into my wiring I get feed back. FYI, I have a feed that goes directly to my starting battery from the vex, it is not spliced into anything.

Question, should I be hearing a little tick from the ducer on the MK? kinda like the tick that you hear from the ice ducer puck?

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I did some more checking last night with the feedback that I was getting when I power on the tolling motor.

I made sure that the vex and the motor do not share the same groud. Did this by unhooking everything from the starting battery and just plugged in the vex. So their not sharing the same ground from what I can see. The only thing I can figure out is that these wires share the same path to the back as the trolling motor wires.

The only other option I got now is to try a Ferrite Choke. But that wouldn't solve bottom reading issue would it?

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Well low and behold, I took the top cover off and there is a US2 extension that was spliced in there. Found that to be a little lose, unhooked that and replugged it back in firmly. Put everything back together and plugged everything back in for the 100th time and it works.

For some odd reason, I new it was way to easy to install the motor and hook everything up.

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