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Good brand recurve?

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This is all a matter of how much you want to spend. As well as your deffinition of "new". Do you mean new off the shelf or new to you?

I shoot a gamemaster. At the time it was $450 bucks. I have several Pearsons that I bought used, new to me, and paid between $25 and $85 for them.

Hoyt, PSE, Bear, and Martin all make good "production" or off the shelf bows. The selection is not all that good out there. Some retailers only have one or two on the shelf and some dont have any.

There are a lot of "custom" bowyers out there, but the custom label usualy means a custom price tag as well eek.

Bwana and Cabellas seem to have a good selection of new and used. The Footed Shaft in Rochester is the biggest in the state as far as selection. Other wise sometimes local pawn shops or antique shops will have a few time to time.

Good luck in your quest. Remember when buying used make sure you get a good look at the bow before you purchase it. Look for stress cracks in the limbs/tips. Watch for limb twist, and most importantly sepparation in the laminations. All can be a disaster waiting to happen.

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