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Early Riser

North Shore Seasons

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I still have a lot to learn but will keep working on it. I really enjoy the great pictures you all take - next project for me, better focus on images and downsizing photos! Sorry for large images this time.


October: Hat Point, Grand Portage


Witch Tree, Grand Portage


Pow Wow, Grand Portage


Pow Wow Food! Indian Taco with Moose Meat


Our daughter's first grouse


Arriving at the cabin: Unload and then play outside!


The view out the window for AM coffee - promise of a good winter day.


Heading out fishing for the day


Help the kids chase flags all day. (neighbor's daughter's first fish through ice)


Dry out, warm up and relax!

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Hey, these are a bunch of nice shots, Early Riser. A ton of variety. Looks like you've had a lot of good seasons there. Thanks for sharing them. grin

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Makes me want to throw some tip-ups out... Thanks for sharing!

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Looks like a beautiful spot, family and the outdoors nothing better than that.

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