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Early Riser

North Shore Seasons

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I still have a lot to learn but will keep working on it. I really enjoy the great pictures you all take - next project for me, better focus on images and downsizing photos! Sorry for large images this time.


October: Hat Point, Grand Portage


Witch Tree, Grand Portage


Pow Wow, Grand Portage


Pow Wow Food! Indian Taco with Moose Meat


Our daughter's first grouse


Arriving at the cabin: Unload and then play outside!


The view out the window for AM coffee - promise of a good winter day.


Heading out fishing for the day


Help the kids chase flags all day. (neighbor's daughter's first fish through ice)


Dry out, warm up and relax!

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Hey, these are a bunch of nice shots, Early Riser. A ton of variety. Looks like you've had a lot of good seasons there. Thanks for sharing them. grin

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Makes me want to throw some tip-ups out... Thanks for sharing!

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Looks like a beautiful spot, family and the outdoors nothing better than that.

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    •   I sure like the sites your old campground kept open for weekenders. Best spots in the campground if you ask me.    
    • so leech, does your campground have festivities functions for there permy site people? ours had a big fish fry on the fourth with a little parade. they do a golfing event to. i heard they finally got some decent playground equipment for kids. there theory was theres fishing. they used to do a pot luck with a theme german, mexican..bleah blah.....but that required work and planning from the owners. took away from the beer drinking! 
    •   I have noticed that trend at seasonal campgrounds too. 20 some years ago when we started camping seasonal sites used to be full of folks 60+ but now it seems that there are a lot of young families in these sites.    The other trend I noticed is that lot rental prices have gone through the roof since then. 
    •   Well in the 12 years we have been at this campground it went from mostly old folks where if your Walker wheel was squeaking someone would run out with a can of WD-40 to stop the noise! Now a lot of young families with kids. Most of the year it's not to bad, but the Holidays can get a little crazy with the golf carts and beer flowing!   I don't let folks bother me much, I have two young grandsons so their in the mix!
    • I have definitely come to the conclusion that on those big 3 day holiday weekends its way more quiet and peaceful if i stay put at home.................even up north. hey i can have a fire and have cocktails at home too!!!!!!! the weekends to go are weekends prior to and after them big weekends!!!!!!!!!!
    •   Pretty much the same on enforcing some of the rules. The 4th was a Zoo and I'm sure the managers head was spinning trying to keep track of who all the kids running belonged too!
    • well it didnt help our family has a cabin up in itasca county and have had it since 1965. the camper took time away from there. granted the camper was 30 minutes from home the cabin 3 1/2 hours but there is agood city block of woods between us and the neighbor.............and we have noone on the other side. i dont mind a little socoilizing but that peace and quiet is right up my ally.   so leech does your park charge extra for additional company not your immediate family? the campground we were at did, but they didnt enforce it fairly. some were forced some got to slide. oh and there were alot of other issues i got fed up with!!!!!!!
    • No ones making fun leech. Just made a statement. I've never seen one like that before. I've seen the hand ones curved, but not the powered one. Guess it could be like the hand one. I could be wrong. Be interested to see if they sold one like that, or someone put a power head on it. I'll let you take over now.
    • Before you make fun of guys Stuff being bent. Check out the picture on this link if it works. It sounds like they are a bit of a rare hand auger.   Jiffy® Hand Drill 6" Replacement Blades - 59219, Ice Augers at ... › Fishing › Ice Fishing › Ice Augers Drill more holes with less effort! Jiffy® JetTM Hand Ice Drill... VALUE PRICE ! The easiest, most effective hand ice drill on the market! The flanged handgrips .. › Fishing › Ice Fishing › Ice Augers
    • Get both shells it will cost a little but you will know which patterns better out of your gun. I use 3.5 #4's they pattern the best out of Mossberg but 3 #5's are way better out of my remington then #4's . 3.5 #4 still pattern a lot better out of my Mossberg. All Winchester LB     This year I started to use my 20guage and loved it.
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