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A spear, a decoy and a spearing picture

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A spear made by W. Pimple Albany MN from the 40s or 50s


Close-up of wood handle.


Bob Johnson, Baxter MN Perch


A picture from Stiff's hole.

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Thanks guys. There are some really beautiful and functional spears out there. I recall we had a thread on here about spears a year or so ago.

Here are a few more shots of some of the spears in my collection:


Brainerd spear by L. Gustus


L.Moening, St. Cloud MN

This contemporary spear is an exact replica of the so called "Dillo" spear perfected by Dillo Hinnenkamp who invented the turned weighted center design for the head of the spear years ago. Mr. Moening recieved the direct instruction in the specification and production of this spear by Hinnenkamp himself.


J. Kreamer, Melrose MN 7-tine

The Kreamer spear is a contemporary spear that is also highly sought after and is a variant of the "Dillo" spear desing as well.


A close-up of the W. Pimple spear head. I learned that Pimple made the tines of his spears with hay-rake wire. He forged the head of the spear to the shaft. Even after 40+ years his spears are still sought after, preserved as family treasures, passed on from generation to generation and many of them are still being used to this day.

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Kreamer spears are very nice. Alot of money tho.

I love the spears that are 40+ years old. Theres just something about them that makes them a bit better then the rest. I have a older one, and i have a Laser cut one as well. The laser ones are a bit heavier i think, and throw a bit better becuase there cut cleaner.

Great looking stuff Early

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