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Scott M

The Good Old Days of 50 Cent Jigs

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Anybody remember the good old days when you could pick out your favorite jigs for fifty cents a pop? Seems today those same jigs are $1 to $2.50. Ouch.

With winter fast approaching I started thinking about getting everything organized for first ice. This weekend I opened up my jig boxes. Quite a bit of value in there for a collection of hooks and paint. But a few of them caught my eye. Late last winter I bought some Tiger jigs from Outdoor Pro Series. I was impressed. Caught a bunch of fish, enough to shoot a little underwater footage of the gills and crappies destroying them. Those jigs worked out great and caught some memorable fish.

Seeing those jigs brought back the memories of a couple nice late ice trips but they also reminded me that quality, fish-catching jigs don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. The good old days of 50 cent jigs are still here. Check out those Outdoor Pro Series Jig Kits before you hit the first ice to get into those active fish, and save some money to get you to the lake. Sharp hooks, vibrant colors, quality paint and lead, and all the jig body styles you need. You might think I'm just trying to sell you something you don't need, but add up your purchases when you buy the exact same jigs at the gas station counter for a couple bucks a pop and then try to tell me these jigs aren't worth every penny.

Even with a little shipping, an unbeatable per-unit price that is available all year round.


Get a few for first ice or Christmas. I wouldn't mind a few in my stocking, that is for sure!

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I've used OPS jigs for quite some time, and they are some of my go to jigs.. the Moon glows are to die for...

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Yeah now adays if you lose a $7-$8 Salmo, it will bring tears to your eyes.

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