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Paddling for Parkinsons

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Hey all, just wanted to share this. My cousin, who I've had the pleasure of paddling about 1000 miles with, is going to canoe the length of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers to raise awareness of Parkinsons (his grandpa has it). Check out his blog, he's planning on starting in April

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Just read the blog on the Paddling for Parkinson's project. How exciting! Most people don't know that more people are diagnosed with Parkinson's than the combined number of people who are diagnosed with MS, ALS and Muscular Dystophy. That is a duanting statistic!!

We actually did our own Paddling for Parkinson's fundraiser this summer, not quite to the degree that your cousin is doing but an awesome adventure in it's own right. I put a post under the woman's forum under the topic "trip of a lifetime." It was that and more for me as I was diagnosed with PD just before my 41st birthday.

Being an avid outdoors person, I've always dreamed of canoeing the BWCA and Quetico and although we had talked about a trip many times over the years, just never got it off the ground. When my brother from PA ( a Boy Scout vol who brings kids to MN to canoe the BWCA every few years) asked again last fall about planning a trip, I told him that given the progression in the PD, I thought it would be just one of those things left undone in my life. Well, he got a group together, planned a trip, and called me last Christmas and told me to get my passport and to get into shape because the dream was about to become a reality. We spent 6 days, 5 nights canoeing more than 60 miles and portaging over some of the roughest terrain I've ever hiked (even at my best). It was an awesome gift and a incredible experience. We used the trip as an opportunity to raise awareness of PD (there were newspaper articles in MN and ND) and raise funds for the Parkinson's Disease Foundation and HeartSprings which is a local non-profit in Fargo/Moorhead that is one of the few in the area (and entire state of ND) that provides wholistic services for people with PD via a movement group.

I wish your cousin well - safe travel, lots of support and encouragement along the way and of course, success in his fundraising endeavor. What a wonderful way to honor your grandfather and a tremendous benefit to all of us who struggle with Parkinson's and our families.

Thanks for the post!


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