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Venison Steak Sandwiches

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This is a really simple way to produce some tasty steak sandwiches. I grew up with this as a staple for beef, but since I started hunting I adapted it to venison. The key is preparing the thin steak portions without making them tough or chewy.


1 to 2lb venison roast (round or rump)

1 large onion (or 2 medium)

Worcestershire Sauce





1. Freeze the venison roast (if you are like me you have a few usually in the freezer anyway).

2. Let it thaw for a couple of hours - just to the point at which it becomes a little pliable, but still mostly frozen.

3. Cut 1/4" thick slices - across the grain and downward at a 30 degree angle to maximize size and tenderness.

4. Pound them with a meat mallet (or a big heavy dish) so that they thin out to about an 1/8" thick. The meat will plump when cooked and come back mostly to it's orginal size, but will be far more tender.

5. Put a good amount of salt and pepper on each side. Most will end up diluted in a broth.

6. Sprinkle on some Worcestershire Sauce. Just a couple of drops per slice does the trick.

7. Place slices in a large skillet on medium-high heat for two minutes.

8. Flip and cook for another two minutes. Both sides should be browned, but not cooked all the way through.

9. Petal cut a large onion. Kind of like how they do a blooming onion, but cut all the way through. This makes all the onion pieces close to the same size.

10. Throw the onion on top of the steak pieces in the skillet.

11. Pour just enough water into the skillet to almost cover the onions.

12. Place a cover on the skillet and reduce heat to low.

13. Allow everything to simmer until the onions are tender and the water has turned a healthy shade of brown. I usually let this go about twenty to thirty minutes.

Cut up a roll of your choosing and serve up several steak slices on it. Pile on an obscene amount of onions (if you are married, that is the amount right between dirty looks and sleeping on the couch).

You can eat as is, or add steak sauce like I do.

It usually makes a great Saturday dinner, or can be easily made while camping.


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I can attest to the awesomeness of this recipe. TMC is my room mate and this recipe has been one that just always comes out right. Mighty tasty. Just had it last weekend.

Sometimes those experiments with venison work better than they do with beef. One day you guys will have to ask nicely for the bourbon tenderloin recipe he has. Best tenderloin you will ever eat, no doubt about it.

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