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Bobby Bass

Change in the Air

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I find it funny how with Labor day on us suddenly summer is over. With those words on a calendar suddenly cabins will start closing up and fishermen will push their boats back in the garage and the countdown will start for hard water and ice fishing. Of course not all will stop fishing but now after a few months of fishing hunting is here to take up that leisure time that was once filled in with fishing. Days do grow shorter but they have been doing that since June. Docks will get pulled up on the shore and soon the beaches will be cluttered with pontoons covered beneath blue tarps. Chain saws will be heard running on the weekends and the dirt roads will have four wheelers with orange clad riders on their shoulders. Skies will quicken will the sound of geese and their honks will make people stop and stare skyward. After the birds clear the tree line and disappear out of sight work will be renewed with some haste as if the geese were a sign of fall coming.

Kids will return to school, the sounds of football and cheering parents on a Friday night. Early rising on a Saturday morning and the loading of dogs in crates and shotguns in padded cases. Bologna sandwiches and home made cookies, thermos of coffee and sodas wait in pickup trucks. Duck boats on the highway will replace the sleek bass boats and dogs will be a common sight riding shotgun. Well worn boots will replace tennies and shorts are now covered with coveralls. Boat landings become a place to have lunch and meet up with friends. Small lies are told of how many birds were seen and how many were lucky to get away. Dogs will walk shorelines looking out at the water. A few fishermen will still be out here. Looking back at the changing color of the leaves and watching some of them float by on the still water around them.

Summer is not yet over, but there is a change in the air.. From Lake Iwanttobethere

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    • Good.  I was afraid you were going to tell me you were still going to vote for Trump even though he has been slipping on the poles.   P.S. We know real men like you and D2E don't do pole dancing..
    •         Yes, it's Berkeley,  I know. I find this troubling and sad. Also it's contagious,  ie C Kapernick.  As a sidebar, these college kids are going to receive the biggest wakeup call,  slap to the head when they enter the free market.   As someone commented, this is how a Trump is spawned.      Second source for the jaded fact checkers
    • So a couple days ago, I found a flat of loose shells that I had (stupidly) set in my garage last fall and forgot about. When I opened it up, I saw a bunch of rust. Dang it. Gotta love this south Texas humidity  So I went through and wiped them all down with a rag and WD40. What I found kinda surprised me. The pile on the left are perfect, no corrosion. In the middle, will still shoot but have some corrosion. On the right, are going in the garbage. The Federal Premiums (red box) had little to no corrosion for the most part. The Estates did ok, and the Kents were almost all corroded really bad.   For the second part of my test, I tore into the shells to check out the powder, wads and pellet uniformity. The wads were all different, with the Feds and Kents both having a one-piece wad and the Estates having a 2 piece wad. Powder was nice and dry in all three. However, the pellets in the Estates were absolutely abysmal. Every single one was deformed and had some kind of flaw. Slag, dimples, ovality, etc etc. See for yourself.  Kents
    • Awesome pics as usual Todd!! And cool to see a woodie in a field spread. What part of the state are you hunting? I never saw a woodie outside of the river bottoms in the MW part of the state
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    • He will probably sue most of us as well........
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