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Hey!, I got a bag question.

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OK, backpack or actual over-the-shoulder bag?

My Tamrac Cyberpack 8 (backpack) will handle what you describe, but won't leave room for much more in the main compartment. There are a few bigger packs around. Mine cost $189. If you want a pack that will hold what you mentioned as well as two or three other lenses, a flash and accessories, you're going to have to upsize and pay bigger bucks.

Over-the-shoulder bags I'm not up on as much.

Here's my whole traveling kit, not including smaller stuff.

Mac G4 laptop

Canon 30D x 2.

Canon DRebel XT.

Canon 70-200 f2.8L

Canon 400 f5.6L

Canon 100 f2.8 macro

Canon 17-40 f4l

Canon 1.4 TC Mk2

Canon 430EX

Kenko extension tubes


Reflector/diffuser discs

This will only fit if I leave one of my bodies behind. Subtracting one body from the above list, I'm still jam packed in there.

Now, practically speaking it doesn't matter, because when I'm backpacking through the woods, I've got a body and the 400 f5.6L on a monopod over my shoulder, which very much eases the space in the pack. The pack also has a padded area to slot in a 17-inch monitor laptop, which makes me a fully mobile digital photographer capable of taking everything I need to complete an assignment in a single piece of luggage.

And when I'm shooting a wedding, I've got the 70-200 on one body, the 17-40 on the other and have all the batteries and cards I need in shorts/pants pockets or in a small fanny pack, so the backpack stays in the hotel or the car.

But out in the woods I can carry everything I need with this pack. Ken has a slightly larger pack, and he can talk about the added benefits of that.

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Yeah, I do have a little bigger pack. I've got the Tamrac Expedition 8X and I can cram a lot of gear in there. Like Steve, I usually have one body out, however this one is advertised to handle two bodies and two large lenses. It also has a computer pocket for a 19 inch computer. I haven't tried it yet, but the claim is that for all it will hold, it will still fit into the overhead compartment on a plane to be used as carry-on. That said, I've canoe camped long enough to know that sometimes, bigger means you might be tempted to bring stuff you really don't need - and you do have to haul it around, sometimes for miles. Mine rides really well, though I haven't overstuffed it yet. I've only had mine since the beginning of the summer, and though it's too early to give it an A+ rating, I haven't found anything to complain about yet.

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Tenba Shootout which I can't speak highly enough about. I've abused this bag for almost three years all over the country, many airline miles and more road miles than I care to admit. I've used it for a stand, remote platform, seat, light stand weight. Cost around $180 and holds the following with no more room;

2 bodies either the Mark IIN, 20D or 30D depending on job (remote cameras)






Tamron 28-75/2.8

Canon 1.4 TC

17" Laptop

Sekonic L-358 Light meter

All the usual stuff, 12 batteries, filters, cards, chargers, diffusers.

This all fits in an overhead bin on a plane. The bag has sealed zippers and raincover. Room for monopod and tripod external. Lighting gear in a seperate bag or maybe two depending on job.

When shooting my standard load out is a Think Tank belt system. 300/2.8 on one camera over shoulder, 70-200 over the other shoulder, multiple waist packs with flash, Pocket Wizards, cards, phone, water bottle, 17-40, one other lens depending on event and 1.4 TC. Think Tank rain cover on the 300/2.8 rolled up on lens for fast deployment unless indoors.

I have a Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 aorund $80 that I can use for lighter travel, holds the following;

Mark IIN or 30D or 20D



1.4 TC

580 flash

2-Pocket Wizards and cords

Room for all the extras. This one is a quick travel pack or for when I want to save space and travel small.

When I carry in a boat or in wet weather I usually throw the packs in dry bags with sealing top designed for canoeing or whitewater.

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I have a Tamrac expedition and I think it has to much room. I'm one of those guys that can't stand having any empty space (you never know when you might need that kitchen sink!)so I stuff it. Any one know where I could pick up a cheap, well mannered, house broke burro?

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I have a tamarac Expedition 6x. It carrys my XTi, 100-400 IS USM L, 17-85 IS USM, EX430 flash, 28-85 spare lense, 3 filters, 2 batteries, battery charger, flash batteries, flash battery charger, 15" laptop, 10+ CF Cards, room for bird and flower book, external mounting of tripod and mono pod, and has clips to add on additional external tamrac pouches. Spent about 160 for bag at local camera retailer. I tried several bags out and this is the one that: A:) held lots of stuff, B:) Room for more stuff C:) had place to hang tripod, D:) Weather resistant with water proof zippers, E:) Extra Tie straps to hold cover shut in addition to zipper for added protection. Back Pack section is well designed with the hiker in mind. Strap that fits across chest to keep other straps from wandering. Strap on bottom to fit across big beer belly to help support the weight. Memory card storage is on the top and is easy to access if your bag is all closed up and you only need a card.

Downfall: With all those darn extra safty straps they have a tendancy to get in the way when opeing and closiing the case if you are in a hurry.

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It seems were all loyal to what we use and choosing a camera bag is very much about personal taste. I have a Kata HB 207 and I can't say I've seen a finer manufactured bag. The material used is top notch! You will probably pay more for this than some of the others, but like everything else... you get what you pay for. (usually)

You can Google search it (Kata HB 207) and look at some of the other bags they have... all of the specs are on the HSOforum.

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Also, in the FWIW category, it's the zippers that can be an otherwise good bag's downfall. My Tamrac Cyberpack 8, like many of these bags, has a double zipper opening the main compartment. After about 18 months, one of those zippers failed, and so I'm down to just one zipper. When it fails, the pack will be worthless unless I have a new zipper installed.

When you pay $200 for a camera backpack you should be able to expect long life. For what you get, camera packs are disgustingly expensive.

I won't be spending the next $200 on a Tamrac bag because I now don't trust their zippers. For the price, Dan's Tenba bag looks like a much better option. Dan, how old is your bag and how are the zippers holding up?

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