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Trip to Ohio

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The store I work for sent me to Ohio to look at some Amish furniture. I camped along theway and took about 350 photos. My biggest challenge was that I got up pretty early and drove until later in the day so I didn't have good light most of the time.

Makinaw Bridge- kind of intimidating for a small town guy.


Moican State Park, Ohio. Walked two miles to see the waterfall. Didn't occur to me that this isn't the best time of the year for a lot of waterfalls.


Amish field work. You are not supposd to photograph them, it is against their faith to have a graven image made of themselves. You can still see evidence of their lifestye.


I was only twenty five miles from Canton, so I went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Maumee State Park, shore of Lake Erie in Ohio. I like the contrasting textures in this one.


South shore of Lake Superior in Michigan.


Porcupine State Park in Michigan.


WW II Museum in Superior, Wisconsin.


Kind of a hurried trip, but still a nice break this summer.

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Great pic's I really like the Maumee State Park, shore of Lake Erie in Ohio.

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