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Ed Carlson

The Saga of "Lonesome Kermit"

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The Saga of "Lonesome Kermit"

I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone by not bringing up my annual Frog Run here ya go.



The Saga of "Lonesome Kermit"

Scene one...(Fade in on Kermit on the range)......Fall temps drop, rains begin, open free-range Kermits with fat bellies full of hoppers and bugs but rapidly loosing cover due to harvested crops, frog herds form in mass, Kermit and the herd start to mosey (yup...frogs do least they do in my stories) to low laying areas funneling into lakes and rivers where they hope to winter comfortably. All is right in Kermit's world.

Scene two...(The gangs all here).....Miss Piggy and her gang have been enjoying a fine late summer and early fall raiding weed lines and wondering progressively closer to shallow pastures. Pick'ns have been good, minnows, chub's, nibbler sized panfish, the stray cisco on the breaks sure make up a wide range of chow for the girthy gang. New and old faces join the gang daily, the motley crew grows in numbers. Wind and rains come more frequent now, weed growth now diminished and that sun sure is get'n kinda bright. Raiding now gets better under the blanket of darkness, and the shallow shoreline makes a handy coral to push them strays into.

Scene three...(The Hole in the Wall)....A bright October moon lights up the sparsely clouded cold night sky. Steady light rains have been ebbing in and out for a week now and the gang has setup camp near a creek mouth that feeds through a wide marsh. The gang is restless, they seance new flow feeding out of the creek. Miss Piggy keeps a vigilant eye pealed to the sky, and nose to the wind. She knows it won't be long now.

Scene four...(The Winter Crossing)....Kermit and his clan have now grown in numbers to the 10's of thousands. It has been a tough slog through the heavy cover and the falling temps is taking it's toll on them. This is not Kermit's first crossing and he knows what is likely to lay ahead for the crew. But he knows it's a numbers game, we all hit the water, most will make it, many will not. It's the Veterans he has the most sympathy for...they know what is ahead. As for the greenhorns, well....if they make it, they will know how he felt come next season.

Scene Five... (The Bushwhack) ... Kermit looks left and than right up the beach, every one looks back at the Ol wise Bull waiting for the sign. Kermit's mind wonders to warm summer nights when the air would be full of singing again...but not now...nothing to croak about now, maybe he will sing again come spring. Kermit looks ahead and leaps, than others soon fallow. Thousands fallow, 10's of thousands splash into the water sending out a dinner bell chime to the awaiting Miss Piggy gang. The Bushwhack is on.

SLURP.....SLURP......SPLASH.....SLURP.....SPLASH.. ..this will go on all night and into the early morning. Many will never reach the mud, some return to shore and try again the fallowing evening, and they will repeat this tell the ice blocks the pathway to there winter slumbering grounds. Next season a rookie will be the new bull Kermit, and a veteran of the fall run Bushwhack.

And Miss Piggy and her gang, will be waiting.




Fall frog migration pasterns are one of my favorite peek periods to catch sumo class walleye. Not only sumo's but numbers of eager to feed walleye of all sizes, in large numbers, in easily defined areas. Crankbaits or jigs rigged with 5" twisters in white or green and white have served me well. Live frogs on jigs work too, but if they are on the chew...the plastics do best.

The formula is simple, lots of food (Kermit and his herd) headed one way.....and lots of eager hungry walleye (Miss Piggy and here gang) facing the other way. When the two meet, things get least they do for Mr. Kermit. Miss Piggy and her posy however are as happy as a herd of Sweeds gathered for a family reunion at a Golden Coral all ya can eat buffet.

Come-on in boys...da waters fine!

Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson

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Thanks! that was a fun read. I have a spot where I see them hopping across the road to get to the lake, so it's easy to tell when the thing is happening.

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It's nice that we're seeing more frogs again. The frog run was more like a trickle the past few years and I really missed the opportunity it always presented those who enjoyed fishing from or near shore.

Can't wait unril Kermit and his buddies ring the dinner bell.

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Just starting here. The carnage will only get worse for Kermit and his family. wink

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Made the way a little safer for our little green doggies last night. Haven't enjoyed a bite like that in about 10 yrs. Save a frog-eat a walleye? Kept 2 for dinner- a two and a five. Wouldn't normally keep em that big but it was a rough battle and I was afraid the big one would be shore lunch for a muskrat. Was pleasantly surprised and relieved that they were both male. Felt bad about big one until then. Now I'm happy that there's more frogs for the mamas in the lake.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Where did you get your subfloor? How is it holding up? 
    •     thats what I have heard also..  I have put a tip up out on the lake and stay in my home, less than 200 feet, no issue...  could see it always...
    • The dump and run brings home the HJE trophy for the 60th anniversary of the race and on the 20th anniversary of the #3’s win of the race.   Any thoughts?   I’m only a part time fan these days but it seems like the move is totally acceptable these days.  Or is it just if you’re part of racing royalty?  20 years ago there woulda been a fight.   I will say I enjoyed the race and glad it was good since I’ve had to sit on my butt all day not feeling good.  Oh, and the Monster Energy marketing gals don’t suck. 
    • I would also look into using SIPS panels as an alternative to post framed. I have done a lot of projects using SIPS panels from a company called EPS in Iowa including the new fire station/ city hall in our town.    The cost of the panels is higher than the material cost of post framed but they are super insulated, go up fast and really cut down on outside noise. Our city has saved a significant amount of money in heat savings and you can even put in smaller btu HVAC which saves money. 
    • I always thought it was a visual issue. Not sure of the footage away but going house to house without seeing your lines might be a problem. I've wondered in the summer, casting a sucker off the dock and walking up to the cabin to get something if that was in wrong as well. 
    • I’ve heard people have been getting cited for not bringing up their lines to go their buddies houses less than 200 feet away.    What I haven’t heard is the reason why this legally different than having a tip up outside your house.  I won’t argue that it is different, just haven’t heard why, and what notification systems make it or break it.   Its another situation where the use of technology is moving faster than the laws.  I agree with Pro V: contact the DNR before you have to try to explain it on the ice.  Or maybe you’ve had to do that already.
    • Got another good ride in yesterday ,,, Almost took the same route as the last time I did the Tac but took a wrong turn and put on a few extra miles but still and enjoyable ride ,,, Had lunch at Side Lake and then headed out to the Bearskin trail ,,, Nice trail flat, straight and fast ,, A little too fast for a sled not completely broke in yet any way ,,, I think every one enjoyed the ride and trail conditions ,,, As I type the snow is falling and Im sure trail conditions are improving 
    • Good question to ask the warden.
    • I can't think of one reason to ever have a gas auger again... I get around 20 holes per battery this time of year with a lazer 7 inch
    • WAIT FOR IT Here is James Vladyka's story: This is one of my best friends. We grew up together and have made some crazy memories over the years. He joined the Army shortly after we got out of high school and there was many years where we had to make the best out of a few days of leave that he would get to hunt and fish.   To many years have passed 2 tours Iraq, 3 tours Afghanistan and a few years private contracting he has served our country proudly. Now he's retired and we are making more memories again.   This was another battle to add to his long list.  Brock landed this beautiful Pike through a 6 in kdrill hole on a 20" Jason Mitchell meat stick with a Clam Dropkick tipped with a white Super Jamei on 2 lbs CPT line.   The 14 inch white Crappie in it's mouth was placed there for a size reference. The assist goes to another one of my good friends not pictured Blaine Goad. He reach down the hole and help her come topside
      Clam Outdoors  Navionics Vexilar Inc
  • MWO