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Statefair is flathead time

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I noticed the number of big flatheads posted on this board has dropped off since the fever pitch earlier this summer. I never had luck on the Croix for big flats in July. I just assumed they were on the nest and only half catchable(best left for noodling)

I was super pleased to see all those early cats this year it just blew me away and has me seriously rethinking my early season fishing choices.

Traditionally, I never started my big catfishing until the Statefair and fished hard through October and into November some years. Most of my cats over forty and all over fifty came late in the year.

So if you want to stir up some action try an outside bend on the Croix with a shallow washout on the downstream side. Look for a deep pool with an undercut bank and catch the flatheads coming out of their day hole until midnight. Catch them again coming home in we hours of the morning. Or take your chance with the turtles on the shallow feeding flats from 1-4am but that was always way spread out and hit and miss.

I like tuesday nights if there is still boat traffic but late in the year you have the river to yourself.

I've used up my fishing chits for the season on a couple of big trips, but would love to see a Statefair monster posted from north of Stillwater from a place like I described. Hans

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i might have to get out and try it! Usually chasing pheasants or muskies in the fall, but you guys on the catfish board have got me thinking about buying a cat rod and going all in

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