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Scott M

Dog Field First Aid, Trauma, or other Kit

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Was planning on putting together a field kit for my young'n, even though she won't see a lot of field time until next year.

Just curious what should be included, I'm leaning pretty heavily on all of you. I cheated and did a google search and got some help. I know the rest of you will have some good ideas...

  • Sutures and curved suture needle, stapler
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Contact Lense Rinse
  • Syringes
  • Gauze
  • Extra Dog Boots
  • Extra Collapsible Bowl and Big Bottle of Water
  • Extra Dog Food
  • Q Tips
  • Hemostat
  • Thermometer
  • Headlamp
  • Whistle
  • Cotton Balls
  • Cold Pack

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Thanks Hemi. Tried a search yesterday but didn't have any luck. Wrong keywords I suppose.

Good stuff in your kit....How much spaces does everything take up in your kit?

Also, what is the EMT gel for?

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A smaller tool bag or box (like a shell box) should hold most of it. It does not take up too much space. I am still working on that list and don't have everything yet....but much of it. Most stores carry it (GNDR MTN, Cabelas, Fleet Farm, etc).

I carry EMT gel on me at all times. Basically use it for any small wounds I need to take care of. It drys and helps stop the bleeding, and closes and protects the wound. It does not replace stitches though.

A product description for EMT gel:

This gel provides ideal wound care for large and small animals. Engineered for use on cuts, deep abrasions, burns and other general skin conditions. EMT Gel reduces bleeding by forming a plug and encouraging natural blood clot formation. Easy to apply, it reduces pain, protects a wound and newly formed tissue and promotes rapid healing. Conforms to any injured site.

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