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Manitoba's Eastern Interlake Region.

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The other day I decided to take a cruise through the Eastern Interlake region and eventually Hecla Island. I never had any particular subjects in mind for a photo session, instead I would simply shoot anything of interest along the way. Here are some of those subjects.

The remains of an old car.


Then I drove by this old Massey Harris combine. I think it's fair to say that it hasn't seen any service in a year or two.


An old abandoned house sitting directly along the shores of Lake Winnipeg.


An old Hay Rake now barely visible sitting in a hay field it once was commissioned to work.


Then I found this old International sitting in a farmers field.


A few more miles down another gravel road and...




What remains of an old Lake Winnipeg commercial fishing yawl. Yawls were 20' boats made from wood that were used by commercial fishers on Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba.


One more old abandoned homestead.


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Man, those are great, Stu. I like the hay rake and the dead boat the best. Nice work!

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Wonderful images Stu!....Reminescent of the days gone by for sure!....evokes great memories!

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They are all great. I cant pick a favorite but I was day dreaming about fixin up those vehicles.(well having someone fix them for me)

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