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Iron Cowboy

Harley Stator?

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Hey guys I need a little help. Its a 1990 Heritage and I cant get my battery to hold a charge. Got the brand new harley gel one. If I put it on the charger it will be enough to start the bike and can ride for a while but go to restart it an nothing but clicks. I have checked and cleaned the ground a few times so I dont think thats it. The only other thing I can think it would be is the stator but if that goes doesnt the bike quit running on you on the spot going down the road?

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Maybe this will help.

The charging system is what replenishes used or depleted voltage at the battery.

Most automobiles use a battery to operate electrical components when the engine is not running and to start the engine. After the engine is started the electrical components and systems operate using power from the charging system or alternator. Therefore, if you disconnect a battery cable from an automobile while the engine is running, the engine and electrical systems will continue to operate.

Harley-Davidsons operate completely off of the battery and the charging system simply replaces the voltage at the battery as it is used. If you disconnect a battery cable while a Harley is running - everything stops!

For a quick check to see if your charging system is working correctly, simply connect a volt meter to the positive and negative posts on the battery. With the engine running at 2000RPM you should read more than 14 VDC and not more than 14.5 VDC.

In General, a Harley-Davidson's charging system is made up of only three components (not counting wires). The Stator, Regulator/Rectifier and the Battery.


Several windings of copper wire coiled around an iron core mounted to the engine case (left side) with a magnetic 'Rotor' splined to the sprocket shaft. The plug exits at the left front of the engine case.

Test the stator for continuity, check to be sure it's not grounded, test A/C voltage and amperage output. Inspect the rotor for signs of rubbing on the engine case or stator wiring and for any loose, cracked or broken magnets. When replacing the stator, the four mounting bolts should always be replaced. If that is not possible be sure to clean and loctite the four bolts holding it to the engine case.


A solid state unit (mid 1970s and later) with cooling fins on the top. It is Usually mounted near the front of the frame or engine. Grounded to the frame or engine, plugged in to the Stator plug at the left front of the engine case with a long wire to the 'Main' breaker or the battery.

There is no true way of testing the regulator other than replacement. Plugging or unplugging the regulator while the motor is running can cause an electrical spike and short out the regulator.

These things are easy to smoke. Just a little too much amperage and that's all she wrote.

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Good explanation!, I will add that the wires will sometimes rub through and ground where they enter the case. Sometimes it's on the out side sometimes it's right inside the case. Thats what happened to mine it shorted out and took out the stator cheap part labor intensive. that in turn shorted out the rectifier ( small black box in front of engine) expensive part 2 minutes to replace. How ever if you replace one and it's not the problem you will fry it again. Cowboy I will get you that number today.

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Bandit, Thanks for the great reply and info. Sorry for not getting back sooner, been away from p.c. After cleaning all connections real good again and charging overnight its ran and started fine now for a few it has before. the usual deal now is if it sits for a week or so it will be dead when trying to start again.(I know I know dont let it sit a week or so) Im thinking I know now why they sell those battery tenders. just never had this issue with the old battery.

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    • Free agency is far from a sure thing, if there are young centers out there (big if) you have to compete with maybe 10 or 20 other teams and pay way over what you should. You have control of nothing and are at the whims of a player everyone is chasing. Same with trades, very easy to swing and miss. By most account we were in on Ryan Johansen with the Preds but Columbus wanted Jones over Brodin and I don't blame them. 
    • Good stuff but time wiill tell. Not buying the "oh we might lose him as a UFA" what, with that kind of money we could buy just as good and younger to give us more of a future...which we desparately need to be thinking about.  Fletch is walking a tightrope and it is going to break IMO.
    • Come on BB, you are better than that. You as much as anyone know that ONE player doesn't make an NHL Team a Stanley Cup contender so why put that blame on him. Sure, a player like Crosby certainly helps, but we aren't talking about the money that Crosby is getting here either. Comparing Koivu's contracts to equivalent players with similar production is quite compelling. He has performed better than many of his peers for his current contract and with the lower AV of his new deal if he continues similar numbers it will be a bargain. I wasn't too happy about the NMC either, but I take that as a bargaining chip so CF didn't have to go with a longer term deal. 2 years is sufficient and I think it works well for both parties. You are right, there are many people out there with more knowledge about the market and what he could have gotten elsewhere and when it may have made sense to sign him, but the fact is you don't want to wait to sign him until after the season for if no other reason at all than to allow him to be a UFA and hear other offers. This will be my last post about the Koivu extension because clearly we don't see eye to eye on whether it made/makes sense, but I assure you there are a large number of "hockey minds" that are in agreement with me on this. Here is some afternoon reading for you:
    • Red admiral i believe.
    • Btw......for you bass purists .... a couple days before the above success, I located mostly largemouth with one smallmouth on the edge of bulrushes adjacent to a deep drop off.  Probably a dozen fish in 20 casts with a Senko. Nothing of any real size. Always fun getting fish on four or five consecutive casts.
    • Great find! I did a little research and did not find an I.D.  Hopefully someone will know what it is.
    • You are 100% correct... a guy has to be smart about it. There is nothing magic about inverters... its takes a lot of DC juice to make a little AC juice. On the flipside though, I have a 120vac 32" TV/DVD player that only draws 51 watts AC.... meaning that it should (hypothetically) only draw 4.25 amps DC. Even with a 15% draw added for the inefficiency of the inverter, I am still under 5 amp. Usually I will run the generator for a few hours between 10 am and 2 pm. Then it is off until 7 pm or so... Then I will fill it up and let it run through out the night. It will run about 9 hrs on eco, so by 4 am or so it is out of gas... but the batteries are topped off nice to run the routine again. The 4 hr run isn't necessary, but does offer some security. With a 5 and a 7 yr old fishing with me the majority of the time, the TV usually doesn't turn off during the day.
    • I believe the crawlers are not natural forage and using them as bait emulates large larvae.  
    • Like I stated earlier and others with more knowledge than anyone on here have as well..we should have waited...I also was unaware of the no trade clause which he was able to get without any less $$...pure stupidity...we'll know in 8/9 months how this pans boot straps us from further improving the team with younger talent is my main issue. As far as a captain, lifelong wild...blah blah blah....if he is such a pillar, such a great player, such a leader of the team...where has he taken us? The playoff record speaks for itself....time to dump guys like Koivu at the soonest opportunity who have done all they can or at least decrease their pay in later years not increase them...they took us as far as they could...and we've already got vets like Parise, Suter, Spurgeon, Granlund, Coyle, Brodin locked in on long term deals; give one of them the C to carry us forward.  
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